Monday, January 7, 2019

Oakley's 7 Day Christmas Break

Woof! Woof!

It's me, Oakley, who has a belated story to tell you about how I had my pet sitter, April, and her dog, Daisy, stay with me for S-E-V-E-N days during Christmas break! So there I was on the first day happy to not be left alone in my house but I was missing my family something awful as you can see here! 

But I could tell I was in good hands when April worried about my lack of interest in eating so she brought my dinner to MY bed (my parents think it's their bed)! I didn't eat that night but it was nice that she noticed my poor appetite!

By the second night I saw that Daisy was eating dry food with CHICKEN so I wanted to copy her and *just like that* I was on my way to eating normally from then on! 

By the next night I was rewarded with a tasty snack, Frosty Paws, which I ate while watching television with April! 

As the days went on I was waiting outside every room April along with my shadow, Daisy, just to make sure she knew where I was! 

Daisy and I became such close buddies that we had to be beside each other as much as PAWsible! 

It made my heart happy to have April to wake up to each morning! In those moments I ALMOST forgot how much I missed my family! 

As you can see, it didn't take long for me to smile, relax, and realize I was in good hands with April and my buddy, Daisy! I didn't have anything to worry about and I had the best time with them! 

If you have been avoiding going out of town because you are worried about the happiness of your dog please think about having April stay with him/her! She has lots of references but I think the best reference comes from me! 



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