Sunday, April 21, 2019

Silly Cat Sunday

I've always said that rabbits and cats are a lot alike and here's proof! Happy Easter, everyone!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Margaret Joins the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Family


My name is Margaret (or Maggie or Mags for short) and I'm 10 years young! I just started walking three days a week (believe me, I count the days) with my new human, April, and 

her dog, Daisy, who is also 10! April jokingly calls us old ladies (she knows we are as young as we feel though!) who can't wait for our prize at the end of the walk (milk bones) and a pat on the head! 

My dad works super long days so it is nice to have a break in the middle of the day with April and Daisy! 

I am sure I will be back on this screen again because there's lots of fun things we see on our walks to talk about! 

Woof! Woof!


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Echo and Mojo's Sleepover Was Doggone Fun!

For seven nights and eight days Daisy (left) and I had the pleasure of keeping Echo (the Yorkie on the top of the couch) and Mojo (the Chihuahua mix, middle) company while their parents were on vacation and it was doggone fun!  

From anxiously resting their paws on my legs while I held treats for them to enjoy, 

to waking up in comfort, 

to relaxing on top of a plush pillow, 

to watching Daisy try her best to fit into her friends' tiny beds, it was a rewarding and fun-filled experience! 

Overnight care is one of my favorite services I offer because it allows me to get to know the pets in an intimate way and this vacation booking was no different! It was rewarding to watch Echo and Mojo feel comfortable under my care even though their parents were far, far away! 

If you are thinking of going out of town but don't know who to trust with your pets, I can help! Rates vary from home to home to satisfy the needs of each pet so please contact me to discuss. I offer 13 years of professional pet sitting experience and proof of insurance for your peace of mind!