Tuesday, March 20, 2018

6 Purrfect Hairball Remedies to Make Your Cat (and You!) Happy

Do you feel like you've tried every remedy known to man to prevent your cat from having to go through uncomfortable hairball symptoms like coughing, gagging, hacking, and vomiting?  In my home and in many of my client's homes over the years I've had to clean up many hairballs and, believe me, it has never been pretty so I did some research to find simple remedies to combat this issue head on! Here's what I've found and I certainly hope they make you and your cat happy!

Canned Pumpkin

This orange vegetable can help hairballs pass all the way through your cat’s system. Mix in one to two tablespoons plain canned pumpkin to your cat’s food each day or a couple times a week. You can add it as is, but for cats with a sensitive stomach, warm up the pumpkin. The natural fiber in pumpkin keeps your cat regular and assists pushing swallowed hair out with bowl movements.

Olive Oil 

A teaspoon of olive oil every week or so should do the trick. Oil throughout the digestive system will help your cat eliminate hair in its stools and aid in digestion. This should cut down on stomach aches associated with hairballs. Other oils, such as mineral oil, corn oil or saffron oil can also help.


A teaspoon of butter will work like the oil. Melt it in the microwave and drizzle over your cat’s food once a week.

Cat Food 

As a precautionary measure or if hairballs are a persistent problem in your cat’s lives, feed a hairball formula food. Hairball formula food helps hairballs to pass out the other end while improving hair and skin health and reducing shedding.


Brush your cat daily to decrease the amount of hair that is ingested. To remove as much loose hair as possible, wipe her down with a damp cloth in the direction of hair growth after brushing. Assisting with grooming is especially important for long haired cats and older cats. 

Petroleum Jelly 

You can trick your cat into relieving his or her own problems by applying a bit of petroleum jelly to a paw. Your cat is sure to lick the jelly away, lubricating the digestive track. This will help make feces elimination more comfortable, thus removing hair in the cat’s digestive tract. Do this once a week or so.

Which of these remedies have you tried and what were the results? Are there any other remedies that I forgot to mention here that you'd like to add? Please leave a comment below!  Thank you!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Irish K9 Blessing

 May the bacon rise to me you,
May the kitty be always at your back,

May the sun give you warmth and happiness, and
May there always be a fire hydrant when you need one.


Friday, March 16, 2018

Levi and Bijoux Enjoy In-Home Pet Care

Don't let Levi's lazy posture fool you into thinking that he was miserable having a pet sitter take care of him while his parent's were away! He was, in fact, happy to lounge on his very own cat tree rather than stay in an unfamiliar kennel boarding facility and his sister, 

Bijoux, felt the same way! 

Under my care they relaxed while I filled their food and water bowls, scooped their litter box, and gave them plenty of belly rubs during each visit! 

If you live in the Dover, New Hampshire, area and are in need of a caring, professional pet sitter please consider hiring Teacher's Pet Sitting Service to take care of all of your cat's needs!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Maisey's Sweater Collection

As a professional pet sitter I've been asked to do a lot of things to make sure my buddies are comfortable so it was of no surprise to me to be asked to make sure Maisey got changed into a clean and dry sweater after she did her business! 

After admiring her in her lavender sweater at the beginning of the visit I took it off and then chose a new one from her

collection! These sweaters are all handmade with a lot of love by her mom! Aren't they precious?

Here she is looking cute in pink,

yellow and gray,


and bold stripes! 

Which one is your favorite?