Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snooping For Tattoo Advice

I never understood why anyone would want to get a tattoo until I went to the Stratham Fair this past Sunday and had my arm painted. I walked around thinking I was the coolest gal that ever walked on the planet for the rest of the day! Unfortunately, Snoopy washed away that very evening and I was very sad to lose him!

What do you think? Should I get a real Snoopy tattoo? Have you endured the pain and suffering for the sake of a tattoo? If so, what was the experience like? What kind of tatto is on your arm? I need feedback because I am seriously considering arming myself with a Snoopy tattoo in the near future!


  1. I have never yet found a tattoo that I could imagine myself with for the rest of my life - I'm thinking maybe if I could ever find a great artist who could do a Scottie, I might have it put in an obscure place.

    But truthfully the skin of youth that is nice and supple droops as we age and the Snoopy who started on the bicep, might eventually be sitting on your elbow.

    And if that's not enough advice - DON'T EVER GET ANYONE'S NAME TATTOOED ON YOU. My cousin, Earl, had "Earl loves Margie forever" tattooed on his chest when he was in the Navy. When he came home on leave (in the 1950's) he found Margie had a new beau and when Earl decided to marry he couldn't find another Margie. So his wife, June, had to see that tattoo every day of his life!

    Best of luck - I'm anxious to see what you decide.


  2. I don't have any tattoos of my own, but I have seen some gorgeous Greyhound tats. I'd say there's a good chance of me getting one someday, but it will be something that's unique and artistic. Everyone has different preferences, so, get one that you're going to be happy having with you for eternity.

  3. I have seen blue red green turquoise and yellow, butt never a tat with WHITE.
    I don't think you should go to that place that Cuzzin Francie went to... you know that combo place for furs, nails, piercings, and tats. I know that in the closest city to me there is a dermatologist who will do tatoos... after he councils the heck out of the patient.
    Not much help here am I? Sorry.

  4. Hummmmmmmm Blogger seems to be eating comments again.
    I don't think there is
    I wouldn't use the combo Tat parlor that Cuzzin Francine went to... Kinda Iffy if you ask me.

  5. Oh wow!! That's a great Snoopy tattoo!! I have a butterfly one on my left arm. I love it!

    But I passed out when I had it done! Seriously - blacked out and fainted. I was 18 and at university and it was a spur of the moment decision. My friend and I passed by a tattoo shop and just decided, why not?

    Anyway - it hurt like no other I've ever experienced since. It was beyond pain for me. But on the flip side my friend who had a little cute red devil done didn't suffer as much as me. For her it felt ticklish - a tiny bit painful but mainly ticklish.

    I hope this helps!! LOL! I mean I'd do it again but this time I'd do it only for a very special reason.

    Good luck making your decision.

    Take care

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Snoopy!

    I would totally get a Snoopy tattoo.....except for three things

    1. That Snoopy is awesome and looks like Snoopy should look. But I have seen some Snoopy's that don't quite look right. So I would definitely make sure the tatto person can do a REAL Snoopy.

    2. Can they do WHITE on a tattoo??? I'm not sure I have seen it much..but I am not a real tattoo expert.

    3. I have considered tattoos over the years, but as I am getting older (sigh) I keep noticing more and more that body and skin tends to end up in places where it wasn't a few years ago......(more sighs..)

    All that said...a Snoopy tattoo would ROCK! If you find out they can do true WHITE, I would love to know. Maybe I could find some 'stable' body part to get one myself

    Minna's mom....Cheryl

  7. Hi - Pip's mom here. I just got my first tattoo and I am SO happy I did. Mine is a sun on my shoulder and represents my cat Toonces who passed away last year. My advice is to get one some place like the shoulder that has some fat so it doesn't hurt too much. Also, get one some place that you can cover up if you need to - again like the shoulder.

    Hope this helps!
    Kristin (Pip's mom)

  8. The think I always tell people when they ask that question is to consider if there is anything you wore 10 or 20 years ago that you would love to wear every single day for the rest of your life today? Because in 40 years when things,as Dolly says, bag sag and drag, will you really want to see anything expand or droop or stretch?

  9. Hello!! Pugga Momma here!! Love your Snoopy tattoo!! Super Cute!!
    Okay..lets see..

    I have a moon tattoo on my ankle I got about 10 years ago and a star on my outer wrist!
    The star I got when I took my first series of Improv classes back in '03 and it's the theathre masks..but stars..
    boy what was I thinking?? It was bright and so visible!! I since gotten it removed and OMD!!!
    HURTS WAY WORSE than getting the darn thing!!
    and cost $989,343,450,600,298 to get it removed!!! for just a 50.00 tattoo and took over 2 years of treatments!!
    My moon one I had treatments for removal too, but its harder to remove because of the color!!

    Now funny thing is..I LOVE the show LA ink!! LoVE it!! But I personally don't want them on me!!
    My advise.. if you get one.. walk around with a temp like you did for a week(keep reapp) and see if it's something you could really live with..

    Pugga Momma-Katy

  10. hi furend~!
    ms. J here--little luna's mum. i have a good amount of tattoos and i LOVE THEM!! sure i get stared at all the time (sometimes good and most of the time bad) but i don't care. i love my tattoos and always will.
    i wouldn't suggest you to just all of a sudden want to get snoopy slapped on your skin because having him painted on you was so cool. ;)
    you should really REALLY think about getting a tattoo and where you are going to get it done. it's going to be on you FOREVER. think about your job, you as a person, EVERYTHING.
    yes i hurts. it hurts more on some places than other. i got a skull on my right arm and im currently getting a huge japanese piece on my back. let me tell you that the back piece hurts like a MOTHER-- compared to the arm one. the healing process takes a lot of care and patience. you have to make sure your tattoo doesn't get dry while it's healing and it ITCHES like there is no tomorrow. you CANNOT scratch your tattoo or else you will ruin it and you have to saty out of the sun or else it will fade. there is so much to getting a tattoo. do you research hun and be sure that it is something you REALLY want. :)
    good luck~!!!!

    ms. j

  11. Do it!! It would be so awesome!

  12. we would love a snoopy tattoo. Mom said no
    Benny & Lily

  13. My Mom has lots of garden flowers and a watering can, from her shoulder to her elbow.
    Mom loves her tat and has never once had a regret! It progressed from the watering can with vines and later she added more flowers!
    Advice..find a REALLY GOOD tattoo artist (not a place to skimp on a buck) and have exactly what you want on paper before you start, cuz it's forever!


  14. Our mom hates the site of needles so no way will she be getting a tattoo - ever!
    We think you should go for it if that's what you want to do!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Wow! I've always thought of my readers as friends but now that I've read all of this tattoo advice I think of you as intimate friends. It's amazing to see (and read) how everyone has our backs and now I see that you LITERALLY have my back (and my arm) in deep consideration.
    While the lady painted my arm I told her I was trying to catch up on my childhood because my mom was VERY reserved and not willing to let me explore for fear of getting hurt, etc. My mom also worried about "what the neighbors would think" if her 2 girls did not look perfect and in her mind a tattoo would've made me look like a biker chic which did not fit my mom's persona at all. Needless to say, if she saw me getting tattooed last Sunday she would've been upset!
    All of your advice is a treasure but the best advice is that I should wear a temporary tattoo just to see if I REALLY like it. I do know tattoos are very expensive to put on and remove and since I don't have the luxury of having an expendable bank acct I will think long and hard before getting tattooed!
    Your friend,

  16. Woof! Woof! Looks CUTE. No tattoos for us. Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. I have a tattoo going across my lower back. (I had to get it in a spot that I can cover easily, as I work in a professional setting.) It took me years to decide if I wanted to do it and what I wanted to get. I knew I didn't want to get a generic tattoo that everyone else has, so I came up with a design and my tattoo artist drew it out. The design is 4 faces representing the 4 seasons and connected together with vines. It took two sessions to get it done - the first one was just outlining and then a year later I went back to get it colored in (I was trying to decide on color or shading). I do not have a high tolerance for pain but sucked it up, and it really wasn't that bad!

    I'm glad that I got my tattoo and don't regret getting it at all.

    Dying to know what you decide!

  18. I hate needles! I actually passed out when I had my ears pierced when I was only 16 years old! Let us know what you decide! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  19. A small paw print would be nice!


  20. No tattoos here, but good luck if you decide to get one! :)

  21. Hi, I just thought I'd comment and say...I have 8 tattoos at the moment, 3 I have gone to have done and the other 5 I have done myself since I have gotten into tattooing. I love each and every one I have for a different reason and each one has it's own special meaning I think my second favorite (my first is my memorial tattoo for my son who passed) is one that I did myself which is my dogs footprint (I had her step in mudd and traced it from there) with her name above it.
    As far as your snoopy goes, Yes there is white ink...tho depending on skin type it can be hard for it to take, meaning it can fade faster then other colors or not even stay in the skin. Alot of people don't fill in white, they just leave it skin colored and put more shading around the outside to make it stand out. BUT you don't have to settle on snoopy...get something that means something to you and something your not going to regret. :)

  22. We've never had tattoos, but all of us (dogs and humans) have had acupuncture - does that count? Mom likes the stick-on tattoos and has always wanted one of Winnie-the-Pooh. But she's too chicken. Hmmm, chicken! Anyway, we really like the Snoopy idea and think you should go for it!
    The Road Dogs

  23. My daddy has several tattoos....he even has my name on his arm! I'm special ;o) Momma doesn't have any....she says they don't look good on fat people. I've never seen a Snoopy tattoo but I think it would be cool. You know the image of him dancing where his foot is wiggling. Mom and I think that would look great on you!

  24. As I scrolled down through the list of comments I am amazed that so many had the courage to go under the knife because after considering all of your advice I I realized that I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to needles! Totally forgot about that big factor! I appreciate everyone's advice but I am either going to get a temporary one or I am going to get a teensy one on my arm! But I don't think tattoo artist's would make a tiny Snoopy tattoo, do you?

  25. My Mommeh would love to get a paw-print tattoo, but she does not know where to put it. And she is too skerred to go into a tattoo place and actually have it done.

  26. My momma agrees with some other comments that tattoos should be approached with caution because they are FOREVER. Yuh, she knows some humans who are like all over fifty and the tattoos they got when they were younger look kind of goofy, so just be careful.


  27. Loved reading all the comments here about your wanting a tattoo. Some are really funny and we got a good chuckle. My Mommy has a heart on her shoulder. Her motto has always been the no pain~no gain one. Shoulder tat's are easy to hide when working (which is why her's is there.) She was a professional, no NOT in THAT sense silly! She was in upper management and wanted it hidden when necessary. Now that Mommy is a stay-at-home Mom (to us 2 Doxie's and a grandpa) she wants another one. She has a whole file folder filled with ideas and just has to find time to do it and what design she wants. My auntie has her doxie's face tattoo'd on her ankle and it is beautiful! I've heard that ankles don't sag.... Now, I have not checked your blog to see what your outcome was (as I know this is a REALLY old post). But we hope you put on your "big girl" panties and went for it!

    Lily Belle

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