Thursday, May 20, 2010

Losing Nellie

Nellie's owner called me early this morning to cancel her precious King Charles Spaniel's walk for today and it wasn't because Nellie was going to the groomers or because she was sick; instead, Nellie was going to leave this world at her vet's office today. Nellie's bout with syringomyelia had finally taken it's toll on her tiny little body and since her symptoms were worsening every day, her owners felt it was time to let Nellie go. 

What a sad day this has been for everyone who loved and cared for dear, sweet Nellie, but it is comforting to know that Nellie is not suffering anymore and is probably doing what she loved best (begging for treats) in Heaven tonight. 

Dear Nellie, we miss you already and we will never forget

your flirtations with your tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend, Zeus,

or your dynamic personality

or your angelic face! Rest in peace, dear girl!


  1. Look at that adorable face. Very cute.

  2. Oh how sad. Please tell Nellie's people that I am sad that she had to cross the Rainbow Bridge, butt to remember there are many there waiting to welcome her to the peaceful place.

  3. I didn't know Nellie, but I've very sorry for the loss to those who loved her and I hope she's feeling great where she is right now.


  4. We are so sorry for beautiful Nellie's loss; she was adorable...Sending loud purrs and wishing you all comfort during this sad time...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. That is so sad. We had to look up that condition. It is horrible. Poor little Nellie to have to suffer with that. Our best wishes go out to her humans. They had to live with watching her suffer, and had to make the big decision. RIP little Nell.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Awww. Sweet Nellie. She's in no more pain. And she gets to meet my beloved pets... Kodi, Taylor, Sadie, Minerva... Have fun up there, guys! We miss you!

  7. Oh, I am so sorry about Nellie! My BFF had a King Charles Spaniel named Churchill who had to be put down last week. He looks exactly like Nellie. I bet they are off having a grand time together in Heaven. Those KGS's are real heart stealers, and I think they have the best dispositions of any dogs I've ever seen.

    My heart goes out to you and her owners for your loss...



  8. Awww. I am sorry about your friend. It's so tough to lose an animal you are close to. It is good that she is no longer in pain though. Her family and you are in my thoughts.

  9. Dear Readers,
    I had a difficult time writing this story about poor Nellie, of course, and it helped to read your kind responses about her loss. Amos & I walked her during the school year for 3 years and we saw Nellie at the peak of health and at her very worse and we already miss her. I will send this tribute to her owners tomorrow and I'm sure they will appreciate reading your comments and find comfort in your kindness.

  10. O the Sweet Nellie... She and her family are very lucky, on a counta they all have known abundance of the love.

    Me and the Mom are wif the sadness. She sends a hug. I send a leanin...

    and we boaf send our love...


  11. Oh no, poor baby....
    Benny & Lily

  12. Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear of Nellie's passing! It's never easy to lose a pet you love. They're just not here long enough. How lucky she was to have a family that obviously loved and cared for her! It sounds like the kind of life all dogs deserve. Our sincere condolences to those who loved her!

  13. miss april,
    me and asa and mama are so very sad to hear about sweet miss nellie. we didn't know what her condition was so we read about it, and it just sounded really painful. we are sorry that miss nellie had to leave early to go to heaven, but we are relieved that she is not hurting anymore and can run free without pain. we are sending lots of gooey nose kisses and hugs to you and miss nellie's parents tonight.
    the booker man

  14. wow I am so sorry to hear about Nellie! Your post brought tears to my eyes! I could not imagine my life without Ace in it.
    My heart goes out to her family and her doggie walker!! =)
    Take Care!

  15. A sweet face and a sweet girl. She will be missed by all. Our sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

  16. It's sad, but i'm sure Nellie had a wonderful and happy life. thanks for sharing, we must love our dogs as much as we possibly can (:

  17. Oh, how sad. She looks like such an amazing and sweet dog.

  18. I am so sorry to know about Nellie.
    Sure it was not an easy decision but her family did what was best for her. No more pain and suffering.
    Our thoughts are with them
    Take care

  19. Oh Miss Pet Sitting Walking Lady I am so very sorry. I know there are no possible words to comfort Nellie's family or you but we are praying fur ya'll during this most difficult time. Loosing a best friend is so hard.
    Our thoughts are with you all.
    Pees: can you explain to my mum bout that creatve blogger is our email...allisonDOTbDOTschubertATgmailDOTcom

  20. Oh no! We are so very sorry to hear of Nellie's passing.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. Run free, sweet Nellie.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh, Ruairi and Becky

  22. Oh poor Nellie.....this is so so sad, but at least she is not suffering anymore. That condition sounds so painful and I hate to hear of any dog suffering. Our thoughts go out to her and her family and all who knew and loved her. I can only imagine the sorrow. See you over the Rainbow Bridge one day!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  23. We are so very sorry to hear about Nellie. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge dear little Nellie. You will be missed here very much. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  24. We are so sorry to hear about Nellie.
    Take care
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  25. Oh no, that is so sad, and so very heartbreaking and hard to do. She is at least free now and with all the other dogs and cats at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Chewy, Lilibell and the Mom

  26. Dear April and Amos,
    It's me - Nellie Girl - and I am happy, comfortable and ready for treats and a long-lasting game of ball. Maybe a quick run around the circle, a visit with the mailman and some time to smell everything in the yard. Thank you for taking such good care of me; I am a lucky girl! I know my moms miss me but I'm right there - in their hearts. How about an extra buddy biscuit for your sweet Nellie? Sending kisses your way...

  27. We've had to say goodbye to so many doggy friends lately. This makes us very sad.

  28. ~We are so sorry to hear about your Dear Sweet Friend Nellie~

    ~Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Nellies hoomans~

    Josie, Izzy

  29. What an adorable face! How sad that she had to "leave" at such an early age. She sure was lucky to have had you as her Mom. Take comfort in knowing that she is no longer in pain. She may not be here to physically cuddle with but you can cuddle her in your heart forever. Memories are a wonderful thing. Dwell on all the good times you had together.

  30. hello, I like your blog, full of dog photos !!!

  31. How very sad. We are sending hugs to Nellie's mom and dad, and you too!


  32. Joan said,
    I remember the day my dog Dodger died and was the day I was being observed by my school principal. The pain is like no other. Time and many photos to remind you of your precious pup will hopefully ease the pain. My thouughts are with you.

  33. What a sweet girl that I know is missed by all those knew her!! We put our boy Maguire down yesterday, so I think that she will have plenty of new friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

  34. What an angelic face, Nellie will be missed, I wish I knew her before.
    Run free, Nellie!
    Hugs and kisses


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