Tuesday, January 8, 2019

12 Friends Who Kept Me Busy During Christmas Break!


I aPAWlogize for my lack of posting in great detail during Christmas and New Year's break but my 12 friends (make that 13 including Oakley from a previous post) kept me very busy! Here's a close look at them all and I hope you enjoy the views!

Above is Dilly and her brother, 


And then there was Rondo (in front) and his brother, Pierce! 

And then there was new client, Sage, and her sister, 


And then there was Stoli! 

Next, was Barnabas, and his "sibling", 


Next, was Lily! 

And, finally, there was Boomer (in the sweater) and Tallulah! 

It makes my heart happy that I made these pets feel loved and cared for while their humans were away! I am so glad I chose pet sitting as a profession because it is so rewarding!

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