Monday, August 1, 2016

A Pupdate on Jilly Written by Jilly Herself!

 Hello friends!

It's me, Jilly! Before I explain why I am sitting in front of a bunch of baskets I want to tell you that never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become famous and by famous I mean that ever since my dog walker, April, wrote a blog post about my amazing adoption story and then shared it on Cocheco Valley Humane Society's Facebook page and on her Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Facebook page I've gotten 1,300 views and counting! People love my story because it is a reminder that it is not as much of a risk to adopt an old dog as people think it is! 

We may need a few breaks (I am eight, after all!) like I'm doing here at Nicole's Hallmark

when it's time to get up and go we will like I'm doing here at the Rite Aid drive-thru with my new buddy, Daisy! As an FYI, she keeps dragging me over here because she swears that milk  bones pop out of that black window thingy if you're in a C-A-R so she thought someone would just toss us some if we W-A-L-K by instead! Well, guess what? We get ignored every time but I don't mind one bit because I'd rather see veggies pop out of that window instead but I digress!

My whole point in writing this post was to let you know that I am happy you loved reading about my adoption story and to remind you to go out and adopt an old dog because, as they say, an oldie is a goodie! 



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