Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jilly Embraces Life and Leisure After Nearly a Year in the Shelter!


When I spotted Jilly's adorable but worried face on the Cocheco Valley Humane Society website last month I felt certain that she knew the odds were against her to leave the place she'd been living in for 270 days because 8 year old dogs with a skin allergy and the inability to get along well with other dogs are a hard sell to potential adopters BUT I've always held the belief that all dogs can be rehabilitated. 

I also knew that a client and friend of mine was ready to invite a new friend into his life after losing his golden retriever, Sandi, to cancer nearly a year ago so I practically begged him to meet me at the shelter and the rest, as they say, is history.

Soon after Jilly was adopted she became a shadow of who she once was and has flourished on the busy streets of Dover, New Hampshire, where she's had fun meeting Bob Dylan at Baldface Books, and

customers at Katz Deli and Market and

the Federal Savings Bank!

She also loves to walk to the nearby Park Street Park and then

pause for a water break at the entrance of Nicole's Hallmark

and inside 75 Broadway Laundromat

 Oh, and that thing about Jilly being unable to get along with other dogs is a myth because she immediately befriended my coon hound, Daisy,

and readily invited her into her home for a refreshment break without any issues whatsoever! 

At the end of the visit it is sad to watch her watch me leave but it is a comfort to know that she is finally in a stable home full of love and lots of downtown adventures! 

If you are hesitating on adopting a new best friend don't let a dog's past history stop you from adopting him or her because rehabilitation is possible and Jilly's story is one example of that!


  1. I am grateful that you saw beyond what I, and apparently everyone else, saw and encouraged me to take her out for a test walk. My goodness! What a difference a little sunshine can do! She was smiling and rolling in the grass and so immediately loveable! How could I say no? Do yourself a favor. Take a chance. Look beyond the numbers and the pictures. Look beyond the first impression. Don't make any decisions until you go for that walk. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive. Give your potential best friend the same chance!!

    1. It has been a delight to see how quickly Jilly transformed from a nearly hopeless situation to a fulfilling life with you! In looking at her shelter pictures to what she looks like now it doesn't seem like she's the same dog! It is always rewarding to see what love and a second chance can do for dogs especially when they are seniors!
      Bios about dogs can make or break the adoption process and I'm thrilled you gave in to my plea to take a look at her!

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