Monday, May 9, 2016

Frustrated With Your Dog's Naughty Behavior? End It Now With One Simple Step!

 Jesse, Sophie, Molly, and Cooper looked forward to walking as a pack with me for five years.
Ever since I launched Teacher's Pet Sitting Service in 2006 I've always kept it simple when frustrated clients asked me why their dog chewed furniture, barked at neighbor's dogs from their bay window, or left "presents" on the carpet by telling them that their dog is bored and the way to combat that is to create a set schedule of walking him three times a day for at least thirty minutes each time. And, no, letting dogs out in the back yard is no substitute for walking! Dogs who are left alone in the yard grow bored because they are social creatures who do best in a pack and your responsibility is to lead them out the door to explore the great outdoors. 

Daisy and I prepare to head out for a long walk in 2009.
While I realize that my lifestyle of walking my dog, Daisy, with other dogs at my prescribed three times a day schedule isn't always feasible for clients who don't get home until well after dark I encourage them to strive towards a more attainable and realistic goal of incorporating one long morning or evening walk on a consistent basis during the week days and then treat their dog to three walks per day on the weekends. Once my client's took my advice their dog's naughty behavior came to an end because he was receiving the stimulation he desperately needed!

Remember: By denying walks, the owner is denying a great training and socializing opportunity so please get out there and have some great quality time with your dog! 



  1. Good job. We don't understand people who don't walk their dogs than complain about their bad behavior
    Lily & Edward

    1. Thank you! I don't understand it either but I love it when clients take my advice and then become happy with the results!

  2. Great advice.
    Love Noodles

  3. Great information and advice. Will be sure to use it!


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