Friday, February 26, 2016

Daisy Loves Dupont's Service Center!

Yesterday Daisy and I had such a hectic dog walking schedule that I did not have time to drop her off at home before heading to my car inspection appointment at Dupont's Service Center so I brought her along with the full expectation that we would have to wait outdoors for the hour but as soon as the secretary saw Daisy she said, "Please bring her inside! We love furry friends and she's welcome anytime!" 

I've always loved that Daisy appreciates the ever-changing settings that go hand-in-hand with her life as a professional pet sitter's dog walking assistant so I wasn't surprised that she made herself comfortable in the waiting room so quickly.

Nor was I surprised that she seemed to know where my car was and that she needed to make sure the technicians were doing their very best with it!

And I wasn't surprised that she was reluctant to leave because she loved the staff and the customers who treated her like royalty!


  1. Thank You April! It was a pleasure having Daisy in for the day!

    We will be sure to have treats for her next visit, Along with any other friends she would like to bring :)

    Sharing this post with our FaceBook Friends!

    Great Post April!!!

    Safe Travels,

    - Mike at Dupont's

  2. Thank you, Mike, for leaving a comment! It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Daisy was welcome to visit! Daisy will be happy to see you and your staff again especially if she can have a treat! :)


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