Thursday, February 25, 2016

Swiss Cats, Liberty and Destiny, Come Out of Hiding!

For eight days I had the privilege of spending time with these beautiful girls who arrived here from Switzerland with passports to prove it!

When their mom introduced them to me they were hiding under the bed and was informed that they would never come out to greet me because they only like HER and NO ONE ELSE and I believed her until the seventh day when I found Destiny relaxing on one of her daughter's beds!

And if that wasn't exciting enough I was delighted that she chose to follow me to the kitchen hoping for a snack or two!

And on the fifth and seventh day I found Liberty spying on me from the top of the stairs just as I was about to leave so naturally I decided to stay a little while longer

so I could get up close and purr-sonal with her (and Destiny too)!

It goes without saying that forming friendships with cats, especially the reluctant ones, is a rewarding experience that makes me happy that I chose pet sitting as a profession!

If you are considering going on vacation but are concerned that your cat(s) won't do well with a stranger in the house please contact me! Your cat(s) may decide to come out of hiding and gain a new friend!


  1. awwww.. liberty is so chweeeeet

  2. Liberty is so very sweet! Thanks for commenting!


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