Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chihuahua Rescued on California Highway Creates Social Media Sensation

In case you haven't heard about the scared Chihuahua who ran across a California highway last Friday and then jumped onto median last Friday I thought I would catch you up to speed (get it?) because every Good Samaritan story, especially those that are about animals, needs to be repeated. 


Officer Edmon spotted the pup (who did not have a tag or collar) along the freeway and tried to coax her towards him with a protein bar but when it was clear she did not want to be petted Contra Costa County Animal Services, based in Martinez, California, were called to help complete the rescue.

When she got to the shelter she was very timid and scared but 


two days later, on Mother's Day, the shelters kennel technicians spent their lunch break with the pup (who has been given the name Freeway) to help her overcome her fear of strangers.

If Freeway's owners do not come to claim her she has plenty of interested adopters ready to give her a forever home! 

For those who would like to adopt Freeway today because of her story please take that passion for adoption by visiting your local shelter to give the gift of life and happiness to a homeless animal just waiting for you to adopt!




  1. Glad Freeway is Ok. Hope this will spur some interest in local adoptions.

    1. I am glad too! Some think she was thrown out of a car window, others think she got loose in her yard, but either way she is safe. I hope this story does cause people to think about adopting too.

  2. Are you ready! Mom did this too about a year ago. We rescued 2 dogs running on the freeway. Another car stopped and helped. The girl brought them to a rescue. Nutty
    Lily & Edward


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