Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chihuahua Who Was Rescued From a Highway Median Has Been Reunited With Her Family

I'm happy to report that the Chihuahua, "Freeway", who was found on a median on a busy California highway on Friday and then rescued by California Highway Patrol officer Tara has been claimed by her owners two days ago

Two little girls and their dad picked up their lost Chihuahua named Charm (aka "Freeway") and took her home! The reunion was very sweet and everyone was very excited - especially Charm.

Officer Andrew Tara was the one who carefully picked her up and transported her to the shelter last Friday after trying to entice her to take a bite of his protein bar.

They thanked Officer Tara and drew a picture which included Charm and TWO food bowls: one that said Charm and the other that said Freeway. 

Everyone is very happy for the family who learned a very valuable and expensive lesson in pet licensing, micro chipping, spaying, good fencing, and the power of social media!


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