Friday, April 18, 2014

A Dog's Last Will and Testament

I've always believed that when an abandoned dog is adopted he is even more grateful than a dog who has comes from a breeder because he has gone through so much physical and emotional pain. Furthermore, I believe that in his final breath he is thanking his owner for the chance to love and be loved. I am also certain he looks down from heaven and hopes his owner will give an unfortunate dog another chance to have the comfort he once had. No other dog will replace the latter but I believe adopting another pooch will help in the healing process. 

What are your thoughts?


  1. I truly hope Bailey and Katy always feel loved and appreciated. Our hope is to adopt before we lose one of them. Our rescue has rules about waiting and I know it will hard to work through the grief. That being said, I know at least one of them will not do well as any only "child" so my hope is that we have time to bring another on board before one gets to be an only.

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