Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Peek Inside My Weekend With My New Friends, Cody, Pearl, Dakota, and Pocco

Last weekend I fell in love with my newest Collie friends (from left to right), Cody, Pearl, and Dakota, because they were not only gorgeous but they were also very sweet. 

As soon as I met them I knew I was going to be extending my usual 30 - 40 minute visits to an hour because they looked at me with longing eyes right before I was about to leave. I couldn't help but give in to their wishes. Would you? 

While they basked in the sun I attended to their friend, 

Pocco (pronounced paw-coh), a cockatoo, who loved to climb onto my hand as soon as I said, "Step up!", and since I am fascinated with birds I was in amused by this.

Another thing that amused me was that he loved to walk all over the house while he said, "Hello!", repeatedly 

until he heard me say, "It's time for breakfast!", and 

within minutes he ambled his way back into his cage to munch on his favorite ingredient, Cheez-Its, right away and by the time I visited him that evening the remainder of his meal was just about done and then he and his Collie friends were ready to start their routine all over again.

As you can tell, I was delighted to have spent time with these new friends!


  1. those new friends look like super fun friends

  2. Now that looks like a fun house-hold. I love, love, love collies.

  3. What a cute bunch!

    We see cockatoos all the time! They're everywhere, VERY noisy!


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