Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yes, My 4-Legged Friends Still Love Me Even When I Sing Out of Tune

I admit it. I've become one of THOSE PEOPLE who talks to dogs (and cats, birds, fish, turtles, and more) and I sing to them in a silly and off-key voice. Fortunately, Violet and Bea  love me anyway and they haven't cancelled on having me stay overnight with them during Labor Day weekend despite it all!

Aren't they darling? Do you sing and talk to your pets? Who am I kidding? I know you do! Admit it! :)

P.S. For some reason I can view this video but most of you can't so I posted a picture of the girls (Violet the Mastiff and Bea the Frenchie) who bravely listened to me sing the other day. You'll just have to imagine my high pitched voice on your own! Ha! Ha!


  1. Hi!!! I can't watch your video! :(

    1. I'm sorry! It didn't show up at first but it's on here now! Please try again!

  2. Is there another way to sing?

  3. I definitely sing to my dogs! But I would never do it in earshot of another human. I am way too out of tune for that! Can't carry a note to save my life :-)

  4. Awwww the video's not showing but we just know you and Violet and Bea make beautiful music together! Take care

  5. Dogs are never music critics and they never refute my arguments, so, yes, I sing and talk to them.

  6. I don't know why the video isn't showing for you! I am puzzled because I can see it just fine! I can't figure out how to remove it to just show you a picture of these 2 girls either. Frustrating!


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