Friday, August 30, 2013

Buster Weighs in on the 800 Post Giveaway Contest

Hellooooo Everyone! 

It's me, Buster, and I've been weighing in on my mom's 800 post giveaway contest all day! Are you wondering why? Well, I thought hundreds of friends would've pawticipated by now but we've only got six contestants!


You do want a chance to win the purrfectly sweet Homer's Odyssey book, right? Now, I've heard humans say they don't like contests because they never win anything but tomorrow at noon (my mom thought the original 9:00 a.m. deadline was ridiculous all on account of her laziness) your name might be the one my mom picks out the cat bowl! 

All you have to do is leave a short congratulations-type comment below, via e-mail, or via my mom's Facebook page. Stumped for comment ideas? Here's some fur ya - "Yeah! Yippee! High five! Four paws up! Snorts! Hallelujah! Wow!"

For more information about the contest click here!

Let the games begin again!


  1. Love your blog and wish you many more over the
    coming years. As the "parent" to one orange cat
    and grandparent to a feline and 5 dogs the topics are informative and interesting. Also as
    a visitor to your area for a long weekend it's
    nice to see places we visited. Truly appreciate
    Daisy, Buster and Henry's insightful opinions
    too. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Janet!
      Thank you for stopping by! How exciting that you took the time to read my blog while visiting the Dover area this weekend! I appreciate your kind words about my blog and I'm sure Daisy, Buster, and Henry will appreciate your compliments about their perspective on life.
      I am going to add your name to the contest if you don't mind. You never know, you might be the lucky winner of Homer's Odyssey!

  2. Woo-HOO!! You're only about 650 posts ahead of us!!


    Bart, Ruby and Otto

    1. Thanks for the congrats! Your posts are fun to read too! I don't get to comment much but I love reading them and I keep up on your life a lot! Thanks for pawticipating!


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