Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 Types of Dogs Who Benefit From a Mid Day Break

Gimli loves looking at the birds and squirrels during mid day walks!
A break in the middle of your work day is the ultimate gift of love for your pets. Pet sitting companies such as mine (Teacher's Pet Sitting Service)offers mid-day breaks as well as morning, late afternoon, and evening breaks according to your scheduling needs.
From left to right: Delainey, my coon hound, Daisy, and Emma, look forward to their mid day and evening walks.

In a professional pet sitting company (see What to Look for in a Pet Sitting Company), a  pet sitter will let your pet out to go to the bathroom, get some fresh air, stretch and let off some anxiety, play, have some treats and always get lots of TLC and personal attention during the day while you are away.

Here are a few types of dogs who benefit from a mid day visit:

  • Puppies - Very young puppies (under a year old) that are not house broken yet may need 1-2 breaks while you are at work. They need a bathroom break about every 3 hours.

  • Elderly Dogs - Dogs who are 7 years and older may need to go to the bathroom more often.

  • Crated Dogs – dogs that are crated should be let out of their crates every 3-4 hours to stretch their legs.

  • Pets with any health issues – A pet with a health issue may benefit from having someone check on him during the day and give medication if necessary.

  • Adopted dogs of any age – Newly adopted dogs in a new home may not be on a schedule yet. Having a break in the middle of the day, helps them acclimate and not be so lonely coming from a kennel type environment where there we lots of people and attention.

  • Pets who are destructive – Destructive pets need to expend that energy in a constructive way so as not to destroy the house or something that may be harmful (such as electrical cords) to their well being. 

  • Pets with separation anxiety - A pet sitter can help remedy anxiety simply by visiting once, several times a day, or by the hour. Having a constant routine such as this has been known to help dogs adjust to their owner's absence but if your dog still exhibits issues please consult a dog behaviorist.

  • Pets who are prone to bladder issues and/or urinary tract infections – Bladder issues can be genetic but they can occur in any pet. Holding urine for long periods of time can heighten the possibility of a pet developing a bladder infection and urinary tract infections just by the mere fact that any bacteria in the bladder has more time to multiply.
  • High energy dogs – Dogs with a lot of energy will definitely benefit from more exercise. For these pets you may want to book the extended time slot.

  • Dogs who are overweight- As with any pet (or human), excess weight increase all kinds of health problems as time goes on, regular daily walks can help keep pets in shape and healthy. Some health risks for overweight pets are diabetes, heart problems, joint problems, arthritis and more.  
    Jack Russell Terrier mix, Beatrice, is happy to enjoy the sunshine with her mouse in the afternoon!

  • If you live outside of the Dover, NH, area and are looking for someone to visit your pets during the mid day (and more) you can locate one easily by visiting


  1. You are so right april, I wish you lived closer cos we should would like a afternoon walk with you!
    stella rose

    1. I wish I could take you for a walk too, Stella Rose! I love, love pugs especially you!

  2. well, Dakota is high energy but he could completely care less about going out during the day! Go figure!

    1. Wow, Caren! I've only met one other dog who didn't want to walk so now I know two!

  3. Those words sure are true!
    Benny & Lily

    1. I've met all 10 of those types of dogs and they are all precious!


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