Monday, August 5, 2013

Dogs Dance as Owner Sings 'Dinner Time' Song

In this video, English Springer Spaniel sisters, Hope and Rosey, dance as their human sings their dinner hour song in the most hearty, happy, baritone voice you can imagine.

The video appeared on Reddit under the headline about the dog's owner which reads, "It's impossible to imagine that this man ever has a bad day." 

Under the Reddit headline, somebody else wrote "This type of happiness only comes from keeping such awesome dogs."

Followed by this comment: "The dogs are probably awesome because of the owner's disposition."

Also true. I think that works with people, too. People who are around others that exude happiness get happy too.


  1. LOL!! Awwww! Hope and Rosie are hilarious!! Yes definitely - pets totally feed off their human's state of well being! Take care


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