Friday, July 5, 2013

Daisy's Busy Summer With 5 (and So Many More) Friends

It has been so busy during these last few weeks that I haven't had a chance to devote a lot of time to show you what Daisy and I have been doing so I thought I'd give you a recap: 

First of all, Daisy met Gimli last week and walked together until Wednesday. Daisy loves all of her friends but because she's walked with so many pugs over the years I knew she would smile the whole time with silly Gimli and I was right!

Then, over the weekend Daisy had a "Meet and Greet" with Clyde, my 9 week old English Lab friend, so that she could figure out if they wanted to walk together starting on Monday. Clyde said, "Yes", immediately. Daisy liked him a lot but Daisy couldn't figure out why he likes to tug on her ears! Needless to say I've made every effort to keep him far from Daisy on the walks. I know Clyde is doing puppy "stuff" and will learn that ears aren't toys! LOL

 Also, last week Daisy walked with Jack Russell mix, Beatrice, several times and as you can see they loved their time together. These girls know how to walk fast and smile big! 

 And last but certainly not least, Daisy and I have been visiting Rocket (the smiling blonde in front) and Turbo since last Thursday and we have been staying overnight there too! Truth be told, every morning Daisy doesn't want to go home and I have to practically drag her to the car! Yes, she loves her overnight visits very much!

So there you have it, Daisy and I have been very, very busy and we are so grateful to have so many friends to spend time with this summer!

If you live in the Dover/Portsmouth area and would like your dog(s) to spend time with Daisy and me this summer please contact Teacher's Pet Sitting Service today! Please visit my website for more information!

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  1. You and Daisy have the bestest job ever.


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