Saturday, July 6, 2013

Daisy Takes Her BFF's For a Walk on the Dover Community Trail

On July 4th it was an incredibly hot, sunny, and humid day but that didn't stop Daisy from inviting her BFF's, Emma (the little black lab mix), Delainey, and their mom, Rachel, for a walk on the Dover Community Trail. I forgot to bring my camera along but thank goodness my friend, Rachel, remembered to bring hers to snap this cute picture!

It was impossible to get the girls to pose with a view of the community trail sign so Google came to the rescue! 

There are several ways to get to this trail and our way was to park across the street from Southside Fitness on 275 Locust Street and bravely walk by a pond (because the girls wanted to dive in) or you could park at the Dover Transportation Center on 33 Chestnut Street and then walk to the back of the lot where the trail (which is pictured above)officially begins.

The bridge took us over the Cocheco River, behind downtown Dover, and 

and behind several homes where children were cooling off in their swimming pools. Delainey and Daisy circled inside the pool but Daisy was the one who laid right down much to the delight of the little ones and their parents! 

If you'd like to take your dog(s) or just go solo you are sure to enjoy it as much as we did! 

For more information about the trail view the website here or watch this 10 minute YouTube video today!


  1. Daisy-
    Scoot over there room in that pool for me?


    1. Wyatt,
      I wish you were here to join me! There was just enough room fur you in the pool!

  2. Hehe, Daisy. You know where to go to cool off!

    1. I sure do! I didn't even ask pawmission to hop in the pool! Daisy


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