Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Fur 3 Friends Thursday Blog Hop

 What is Thankful Fur 3 Friends Thursday, anyway?

  • For starters, Daisy, Buster, and Henry want to meet new friends and they heard that blog hops are the way to do it!
    • If you are a brand new follower be sure Daisy, Buster, and Henry can see your face at the top of the page (via Google Friend Connect) because if you do that then your face will be seen right here next Thursday!   
    •  Remember, if you are one of the first 3 friends who publicly follow our blog TODAY you will be seen right here next Thursday!
    • Be sure to leave a comment requesting to be featured next week ALONG WITH permission to snatch a photo from your blog OR you can email one to us. 
    •  Last but not least, YOU MUST follow our blog and we will follow you back! We promise!
    Don't can grab the linky code below to go right under your blog post!

    P.S. Would you like to co-host next week's blog hop AND gain more followers? Contact us and we'll get you hopping! 
    So without further adieu, Henry, Buster, and Daisy would like you to meet their 3 newest friends who are:

    1. Would you believe that four year old Dakota waited patiently at the gate for two whole years for his mom, Caren Gittleman of to start a blog for him? Well, it's true but as "they" say, "Everyone loves an underdog" and that saying has proven to be true because ever since his blog went "live" he has had numerous furry friends welcome him to the wonderful world of Blogville. 

    You can also "like" Dakota's blog on Facebook by clicking here

    2. From the moment Sawyer's human, Tammy, chose Sawyer as her forever Schnauzer she was sure she'd chosen the most laid back puppy out of the litter of eight but she soon found out that Sawyer was not as she expected. Instead, Sawyer turned out to be full of puppy energy; running, playing hide and seek, chasing, etc. Still in the puppy stage, Sawyer also loves to eat her kibble but she also loves to sneak in some dirt, cigarette butts, and stones whenever pawsible! Even though Sawyer is a silly little pup, her family loves her to pieces!

    3. Did your heart just skip a beat at the sight of this darling King Charles Cavalier named Charlie? I know mine did! Not only does Charlie know how to work the camera but he also loves to swim, go for car rides, play with McDonald's toys, eat peanut butter, take sun baths, and  spend time with his favorite humans, George and Lisa. Oh, and blogging is another one of his favorite activities because he gets to "meet" lots of furry friends there so please visit him if you get a chance!                   


    1. I am always THANKFUL fur YOU THREE!! I know Sawyer already... she is just 6 mos. old... and I am hoping that she will start writing her own posts soon. Right now her mom has to help her. She is very sweet.

    2. Awww lovely woofies to visit! thank you! take care

    3. They are sure cute friends!!! I saw that Dakota got a blog...way cool too!

    4. Thanks for introducing 3 new dog bloggers! I'm gonna head over to their blogs right now.

    5. They are all such cuties! I am so happy that Dakota got his own blog... Cody shouldn't have all the attention, right... Also, if you need co-hosts, you can always count on Alex and me...

    6. Thanks for featuring Sawyer today! We both really appreciate it!

    7. Im glad you are so Thankful for your Fur Friends. I bet they are thankful for you too.

      Paws & Whiskers

    8. Nice to meet you cutie pies
      Benny & Lily

    9. THANK YOU! I am soo excited to be featured on your blog! Wow!!! I am doing my Sheltie spins and barking to beat the band with excitement!! Thank you!!! My Mommy said I could blog about it today!!
      Barks, licks and love, Dakota

    10. Hi it's Dakota!! Please visit my bloggie today! You will see why...(not my brother's blog...but MINE! BOL!)

    11. Great blog post. It's always fun to meet new pets.

      pawhugs, Max

    12. Hi Y'all,

      Stopped by while visiting Sawyer. Love finding new friends here in Blogville.

      Y'all come by now,
      Hawk aka BrownDog

    13. Thank you for sharing about these friends!

    14. Thanks for the introductions to those cute dogs!


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