Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adopting Daisy: The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected

When I saw the above picture of Daisy on the internet last May I knew  found THE ONE, and without waiting for my fiance's approval, I filled out an application, paid the adoption fee and waited for an answer from the agency.

I knew Daisy was going to be our girl because she had all of the qualities I was looking for. I wanted a dog like Jesse (pictured above at left) who had expressive eyes and I also wanted a dog who had long, droopy ears like Sophie (pictured above at right) and Daisy seemed to fit in those categories.

I also figured that since Jesse loved playing with cats, I assumed Daisy would too. 

And since our cats tolerated Sophie during her many, many sleep-overs I figured Henry and Buster would tolerate Daisy's presence in our their home.

And since Daisy was very affectionate with her foster mom, Shannen, during her three month stay in Vermont we figured Daisy would feel right at home with us.

We were overjoyed to bring Daisy home on Saturday, May 30, 2009, but the happy glow on our faces changed to despair shortly afterwards when we realized Daisy's rescue organization, Help Save One, wasn't reputable

Unfortunately, Daisy was handed to us without her vet records, tags, or license and we assumed the agency would send them to us immediately but we didn't receive them until July. 

To make matters worse, Help Save One advertised her as a spayed dog but six days after adoption Daisy started her heat cycle  and I was promised payment of Daisy's spay surgery AND for her vaccinations but the payment was delayed for various reasons and we were forced to make several follow-through phone calls and e-mails until the payments were made. 

What should have been a joyful first few months for Daisy and her owners turned out to be a frustrating and eye-opening experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone and that is why I urge my readers to do the research with your chosen rescue organization before adopting a dog. 

In the end, we are extremely happy with our dear, sweet Daisy, but I've learned the difference between an honest dog rescue agency and a dishonest one and I hope my story will help you have a good experience when adopting your next (or first) furry friend.


  1. Hi there! I'm new to your bloggie but whoa! What a crazy time you had adopting your dear Daisy! (My name's Mayzie, by the way, which rhymes with Daisy.) I guess most peoples just assume that anybuddy who would run a "rescue" would do what they said they were gonna do. Thanks for letting everybuddy know that's not always the case. Shame on them! (But I'm real glad it worked out for Daisy just the same!)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Well on the other side of this experience... Daisy is safe happy and loved...NOW.

    Butt, I am glad that you warned us about the experience.
    Imagine what it is REALLY like AT that shelter. Whew. Glad Daisy got out.

  3. Yikes, talk about a bad experience. We are glad, however, that Daisy is with you now, where she is well taken care of and well-loved.

    Oh, by the way ... thanks for following our blog. :)

    The folks at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  4. Been there, don that!!! Thanks for telling everybody tho!!
    XXOO, Fern

  5. i'm super duper glad miss daisy has a totally awesome forevarrr home with ya'll now, but that is totally lame-o that the rescue organization did not do what they said they were gonna do!
    the booker man

  6. We are so glad to hear that your troubles with the rescue worked out in the end and that Daisy got a good home. It is terrible to think that there are less than reputable rescue groups out there.

    Tucker, Daisy and Leo

  7. We are so sorry that happened to you and Daisy. Thanks for warning us though. Thank goodness Daisy now has a wonderful home!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  8. What a experience!
    Sorry you had to face all those bad things with that agency!
    But... the best part is that Daisy is with you and she is living the happy life she deserves!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Hi
    I am glad that daisy is living with you now but am sorry for all that you had to go through. That is terrible that it turned out that way. Daisy looks happy now.


  10. Oh this is terrible, but in the end I'm so glad to hear everything worked out with Daisy. This is sadly not an unfamiliar story. You did a great thing by posting and educating people about how so called rescues take advantage of people.

    Shannon and the Gang

  11. Daisy is a real beauty and she does favor Jesse and Sophie; the agency sounds terrible, but I'm glad she is with you now...kisses to sweet, gorgeous Daisy!xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. It's great that you can look back on this experience and see the good that came from it which was Daisy--I think YOU are certainly the best thing to happen to her!
    As you know, I've been involved in rescue for more than 10 years and know very well about some of these groups that call themselves a "rescue." But many people who aren't involved daily in rescue would and do not know about these groups--This is why you are so right to let everyone know how far education and research can go!

  13. Hi there, we are new to your blog also! My name is Nadine, mom to Chewy & Lilibell.

    What a horrible experience you went through with Daisy, it's easy to overlook details like researching a rescue organization in the excitement of having found the "one," but also, since they are "rescue organizations," wouldn't one expect them to be honest? In any event, at least Daisy got a terrific home with you!

  14. I am happy that Daisy is safe. Shame on them!

  15. Oh, what a terrible experience. I too believe that rescues will do what they say they are going to's unfortunate to hear there are some that go back on their word. Thanks for the reminder and PSA.

  16. Hello everyone,
    Thank you for saying that you were thankful (does that make sense?) that I posted this information about reputable vs dishonest dog rescue organizations. Although HSO paid for Daisy's surgery and for her shots EVENTUALLY the experience left a bad impression on me and when I found out later that this organization has operated in this manner with other adoptive families, I felt it was time to educate as many people as possible about the dangers and pitfalls of adopting. I thought I knew so much about dog adoption options but since I was going to be a new "dog mom" I rushed into adopting Daisy. I'm glad I adopted her; she is the best dog I could ever hope for and she's a perfect match for our pet sitting and active lifestyle, but I would not wish our adoption woes on anyone so that was why I passed this info along to my readers and I hope it helps someone who is about to adopt a new family member. April

  17. That's a terrible experience! We're glad Daisy has a home, though.

  18. Unfortunately this rescue does not do as it says it will. I also had a very bad experience and my vet is now out over $900 for a surgery that this rescue had done over a year ago and has not paid. There are many other reputable rescues out there.

  19. Aw - Daisy just needed someone like you to persevere and bring him into a happy healthy home!

  20. Oh, she's adorable! I'm so happy you found each other.

  21. I'm vising from the Blog Hop....I lost my Daisy (a wonderful Beagle) last year. I wish you all the luck in the world with her. She's beautiful! And so sorry you had to learn the hard way about this rescue organization


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