Friday, March 24, 2017

I Kept My Dog

Hey All! 

I found this on a friend's Facebook page and had to share! 

As you know, I am passionate about being responsible for my Daisy Duke McLeod and cat, Buster, and would never give them away no matter what the circumstances.  I firmly believe that adoption is a lifetime commitment and this post clarifies my opinion completely. I know you can relate!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fiona Joins the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Family

 Five days ago I began visiting the very lovely but sometimes 

shy Fiona, a three-year old tortoiseshell kitty, who was just as good at hiding

as she was at observing me put her treats out

as she was at letting me know she was ready for me play with with her! 

Even though she's a bit cautious of having a stranger visit her I know she looks forward to having some company especially since I make sure her food and water bowls are filled and her litter box is clean! 

If you live in the Dover, New Hampshire, area and have a shy or rambunctious cat who needs TLC while you are out of town, please consider hiring Teacher's Pet Sitting Service to take care of him or her at home rather than at a boarding facility!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Lemmy's Mom Solves a Sweet Mystery

 Hello Everyone! 

I think you recognize my face, right? It's me, Lemmy! Yes, I'm the one everyone is worried about all on account of those scary seizures (well, everyone says they're scary but, to tell you the truth, I don't remember a thing about them) that have been making feel a little wobbly and tired so I thought I'd share something funny to get your mind off my troubles! 

Look a little closer at my face, my friends! Do you see anything unusual there? Well, when
April (that's my dog walker) saw me FROM A DISTANCE a few weeks ago (tell me again why you forgot to write about this ON TIME?) she shrieked, "What happened to you? Why do you have scratches on your face?", and then quickly sent this picture to my mom! 

And then she sent a close-up picture followed by

ONE MORE! By this point I was getting impatient because all I wanted to do was get dressed to go for a walk! If I had the ability to talk I would've said, "Lady! I rolled on a lollipop while I was sleeping! Relax! Just you wait until my mom tells you the same thing!" And what do you know? My mom told her that, yup, I rolled onto some wet candy!

After the "mystery" was solved my mom sent April one more text saying that I don't like getting my face washed but she would figure out how to do it L-A-T-E-R which is why I look pretty darn upset in this picture! 

Wanna know the REAL reason why I rolled onto my mom's lollipop? It was to remind her and everyone else that I am SWEET! Get it? 

By the way, thank you for all of your prayers and advice and stuff! I don't like these scary dreams I've been having because they make me sleepy and confused but at least I regularly take medicine with lots of peanut butter on it! 



Sunday, March 19, 2017

Silly Cat Sunday

So this is why cats don't understand why we won't allow them to go near the fish bowl! 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Please Pray for Lemmy!

 Please pray for Lemmy (this picture was taken on Thursday, by the way) and for the neurologist to find out what plan needs to be in store for him because Lemmy has had seven seizures so far since Wednesday. These 30 second seizures have been occurring every  3-4 hours and once they're over he's very confused by it all and so aren't his brothers! 

When he's going through these seizures Iggy rushes to his side to try to help out but

Arty has been tired because Lemmy has been poking him with his legs during his many naps and wild dreams!

 He chose not to join us for our afternoon walks this week, and as you know from all of the many, many posts about him for the past three years since I've known him, that's not normal for him. I'm worried and so are his brothers and family!

While he and his family wait for his upcoming appointment with the neurologist, he's taking anti-seizure medication which lessens the severity of the seizures. 

I hate to say it but the vet thinks his symptoms point toward a brain tumor or epilepsy and, of course, we are all praying that neither diagnosis is correct!

If any of my readers have had pups with these symptoms please tell us your story because some moral support and prayers is what is needed right now! Thank you!