Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keep Your Dogs Happy With the Kong Food Dispensing Toy!

Does your dog devour his or her food within a matter of minutes? Do you worry that your dog is bored while you are away from home especially if he or she is in their crate? 

Many of my clients have asked me what they should do in these situations and I've often recommended that a Kong filled with peanut butter is one of the best solutions until I saw my aunt fill a KONG Wobbler Food Dispensing Toy with her dog's meal and treats and of course her dog, Jilly, was delighted with this!

This is how it worked when the Wobbler was filled (Sadly,I didn't have my camera with me when the action took place so I found a replacement via Google): it sat upright until pushed with her paw and/or nose, then wobbled and rolled around dispensing treats through a hole near the top and her kibble fell out for a long, long time! Isn't this great?

To see it in action click here! I hope your dog(s) enjoy this toy as much as Jilly does!

Monday, October 27, 2014

9 Halloween Safety Tips For Pets

Halloween does not have to be scary for pets if you follow these nine safety tips:

1. If you have a dog that barks at the sound of the doorbell, disconnect it or wait for trick or treaters at the door so that they do not have to ring or knock.

2. Many dogs don't like to be dressed up because it makes them anxious and uncomfortable

Try a fancy collar or bandana instead!

3. Always make sure your dog or cat has proper identification. 

If for any reason your pet escapes and becomes lost, a collar and tags and/or a microchip can be a lifesaver, increasing the chances that he or she will be returned to you.

4. Take your dog for a long walk or a trip to the dog park to tire him or her out before the activity starts

5. Put your dog in a crate or in a room where he feels safe,and turn on classical music or animal-friendly television shows to drown out the noise of the activity at the front door.

6. Give your dog a treat filled Kong or a bone to keep him or her distracted and occupied throughout the night.

7. Keep your cats inside! 

Black cats are especially in danger of being stolen because they have long been associated with Halloween and bad luck in our society. In fact, many animal shelters refuse to adopt out black cats during the entire month of October.

8. Keep your pets away from Halloween candy and decorations!

9. Do not walk your dogs when Halloween festivities are scheduled. 

Costumes can scare dogs and even normally docile animals can bite in defense of themselves at an unfamiliar "thing" reaching for them even if that thing is your friend the dog knows well. 

In addition, your dog may slip out of his collar to escape from the crowd resulting in a stressful time of searching for him, injury, or even death. 

Do you have any other safety tips that I missed? Please leave a comment! Pets everywhere will be happy you did! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Afternoon With My Co-Pilot, Henry, Is Always Purrfect

When I brought Henry home 15 years ago I didn't have a crate so he rested on my arm during the ride home rather than hiding under the seat so it wasn't surprising that he was delighted to be on the road yesterday even though he was going to the vet to get his thyroid level checked. 

Another amazing thing is that he's never been scared to wait for the vet to exam him; instead, he nonchalantly sniffed every inch of the room and was relaxed while the vet checked his vital signs.

  After the visit he spent three hours watching me walk do my errands and each time I got back in the car he was seated just like this! Isn't that amazing and oh so cute? 

I feel very lucky to have such a handsome and adventurous companion because he has brought me so much joy!