Saturday, October 10, 2015

Three Days With My New Friend Maisey Was Doggone Adorable!

From Wednesday through Friday I had the pleasure of spending time with Maisey, a poodle mix, who, in my opinion, looks like a raccoon because she has cute little bandit mask and dark ears but her mom thinks she looks and behaves like a cat so it was difficult to look at this cuddly four year old without a smile and a giggle or two.

It is also difficult to not think she's an infant because she eats two jars of baby food each morning and night rather than kibble, etc, because of her sensitive stomach.

Another adorable thing about this cutie is that she has to keep her eyes on me at all times and if I look away for even a second she will lick my lips and face! 

And just when I thought visiting Maisey couldn't get any sweeter I walked over to the her crate to find a basket of refreshments  with a thank you note encouraging me to make myself at home after the walks!

 Since this was Maisey's first time away from her family she got into a little mischief. Here she is on the opposite side of the baby gate looking guilty and cute at the same time!

Needless to say, it was difficult to leave her after each visit because she has such a sensitive soul and I look forward to seeing her again soon!

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Daisy Visits the Goats at Dover High School

Nearly every week I walk my coon hound, Daisy, around the Dover High School campus and along the way we stop to look at this cute mural that brightens the side of their animal science barn.

If we get there when school has been dismissed the doors are wide open and that only means one thing ---


You can just imagine the barking and bleating that goes on between them, can't you?

Every time we visit either Daisy or the goats are the brave ones to put their nose to the fence and this time it was this friendly guy's turn!

Even though it doesn't look like it here, Daisy bounces and prances all the way to the gate but when she's ready to resume her walk she poses just like this! 

When I adopted Daisy in 2009 it was my mission to give her a full life with opportunities to socialize with a variety of dogs during our weekly walks and to become exposed to unexpected friends from the farm on a regular basis and I believe I've accomplished that for her! 

So if you've ever wondered what life is like for a pet sitter's dog, this is just one glimpse of it!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Three New Friends Join the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Family

I am always happy to add new friends to my list of mid-day walking partners and Buddy is no exception! He's always greets me with a huge smile and then he bounces out the door eager to explore the fascinating sights and sounds of downtown Dover!

In all of my years as a professional dog walker I've always hoped to one day have a pit bull to spend time with and my lucky day came a few weeks ago when Chance came into my life. He looks sad here but it is ONLY because he couldn't join his mom on a hiking trip because he tore his ACL a month prior and I had to make sure he had his pain medicine and an application of ointment on his scar tissue BUT he perked up as soon as we headed out the door for our walks.

Imogen's mom hired me to visit her sweet girl while she was out for a day of exploring some popular tourist spots up north and I was happy to entertain her! Since Imogen was a recent transplant to Dover she hadn't been away from her mom for long so keeping her company was very important that day.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Rest in Peace, Sandi! You Will Be Missed!

I was deeply saddened to receive the news from Sandi's owner that she passed away from complications from cancer and old age on Tuesday night. Even though she had health issues I rarely noticed because she was always an enthusiastic walker and snack connoisseur. 

This picture was one of my favorites because it shows how difficult it was to ignore her pleas for "just one more" treat! Needless to say, I felt compelled to buy another can of peanut butter to make her happy!

Prior to taking care of Sandi during this past Thanksgiving and Christmas her owner told me that she was not good with other dogs, would not have much of an appetite, and wouldn't want to go for long walks and I was proud to let him know that she was doing the opposite! 

She was a sweet girl and we formed a wonderful bond very quickly and I will miss her terribly but the memories will live on forever! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Maggy's Tempting Four Course Meal

I can always count on my new client, Maggy, to watch me get her four course meal ready from her counter top perch

which always begins with delicious treats.

Afterwards, Maggy quenches her thirst and then

heads downstairs for her second and third course meal of Fancy Feast and kibble. 

Naturally, it doesn't take long for her to run back upstairs for dessert!

 I then get immediate feedback (a lick on the lips) to let me know she was satisfied!

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