Friday, July 29, 2016

Daisy Describes Her First Visit to Club Canine in Portsmouth, NH

 Hello All!
As you know, I hitch a ride with my mom almost every day to go to lots of friends' houses so we can take walks together so the other day was like no other EXCEPT she drove by everyone's house and I thought for a minute that she was confused (she gets that way sometimes) so I started whining and barking at her until she said we were on a thing called a h-i-g-h-w-a-y because that's how you have to go to get to the Portsmouth Dog Park! I've been here before so I was super excited to race right through the gate!

As you can see, I made a new friend right away! This fella and I immediately started chatting about how cool our moms are and how awesome it was there was an even cooler thing there called a p-o-o-l! I tried talking him into getting in there with me but he said no way because if he did he'd end up at Club Canine! What's so bad about an  all-expensive-paid trip to a club for dogs is what I thought so I got right in that dirty water and boy did it feel good! My mom was okay with it at first because it was like 90 bazillion degrees out but after awhile she said I should get cooled off in a cleaner place called (you guessed it) Club Canine so off we went!

As you can see, I was disappointed when I didn't see any palm trees or people walking around in straw hats and flip flops so I flat out refused to pose for my evil mom! 

And after a few minutes of fighting her to go in she succeeded and then I found myself in this giant bathtub! I was still unimpressed even though the shampoo smelled nice and the water was super cool! 

And to make matters worse, she pointed this vacuum cleaner hose at me even though she knows I hate that thing! But the weird part was that I didn't get sucked up into that hose and instead 

I felt a nice cool breeze on my fur. You know, the kind of breeze you feel when you're at a REAL BEACH CLUB! Anyway, I digress! It really wasn't that bad of an experience at all! After all, I was made to feel like a beauty queen, got a couple of treats, and was promised that because I was so good here that we'd go back to the park soon! So, check these two places out as soon as pawsible, my friends! 



Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Cat, Two Chinchillas, and Four Guinea Pigs Spend 14 Days With Their Pet Sitter!

For fourteen delightful days I visited seven pets who were unique in personality, size, and breed! First off, I was greeted by the lovely Miss Lavi who loved lounging on the couch with me before I went upstairs to visit

chinchilla siblings, Winston and

Kindle! This was my first experience visiting chinchillas and I was amazed at how soft, gentle, and H-U-G-E they were!

Next up, was to say hello to these sweet little singing (yes, they sang every time I opened their cage to feed and pet them!) guinea pigs named Stitch, Cocoa,

Lucy and Poppy! 

Since two weeks is a long time to be without their humans, all of the critters, especially Lavi, were happy to have me lengthen their visits well past the allotted 30-40 minutes time frame! 

If you live in the Dover, NH, area and are worried about leaving your small "zoo" behind for a day, a week, or even longer I'd be happy to ease your mind by giving them the same loving care you provide them! 

For more information about my services please visit my website today! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Silly Cat Sunday

If these selfies don't convince you that your cats play with your phone while you are asleep I don't know what will! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jilly Embraces Life and Leisure After Nearly a Year in the Shelter!


When I spotted Jilly's adorable but worried face on the Cocheco Valley Humane Society website last month I felt certain that she knew the odds were against her to leave the place she'd been living in for 270 days because 8 year old dogs with a skin allergy and the inability to get along well with other dogs are a hard sell to potential adopters BUT I've always held the belief that all dogs can be rehabilitated. 

I also knew that a client and friend of mine was ready to invite a new friend into his life after losing his golden retriever, Sandi, to cancer nearly a year ago so I practically begged him to meet me at the shelter and the rest, as they say, is history.

Soon after Jilly was adopted she became a shadow of who she once was and has flourished on the busy streets of Dover, New Hampshire, where she's had fun meeting Bob Dylan at Baldface Books, and

customers at Katz Deli and Market and

the Federal Savings Bank!

She also loves to walk to the nearby Park Street Park and then

pause for a water break at the entrance of Nicole's Hallmark

and inside 75 Broadway Laundromat

 Oh, and that thing about Jilly being unable to get along with other dogs is a myth because she immediately befriended my coon hound, Daisy,

and readily invited her into her home for a refreshment break without any issues whatsoever! 

At the end of the visit it is sad to watch her watch me leave but it is a comfort to know that she is finally in a stable home full of love and lots of downtown adventures! 

If you are hesitating on adopting a new best friend don't let a dog's past history stop you from adopting him or her because rehabilitation is possible and Jilly's story is one example of that!

Monday, July 18, 2016

10 Types of Dogs Who Will Benefit From a Mid-Day Visit

From left to right, clients Finley and Kobe look forward to their mid-day walk!

A break in the middle of your work day is the ultimate gift of love for your dog(s). Pet sitting companies such as mine, Teacher's Pet Sitting Service, offer mid-day breaks as well as morning, late afternoon, and evening breaks while owners are on vacation.
In a professional pet sitting company (see What to Look for in a Pet Sitting Company), a mid-day visit is comprised of a long walk along with the chance to play, interact with the public, and enjoy fresh water and treats prior to the end of the visit.

If you're wondering if your dog is a candidate for a mid-day visit refer to the list of ten types of dogs who need immediate attention:

Puppies who aren't housebroken need 1-2 breaks while you are at work. Puppies typically need a bathroom break about every 3 hours.

Elderly Dogs (7 years and older) may need to go to the bathroom more often.

Crated Dogs should be let out of their crates every 3-4 hours to stretch their legs.
 Dogs with any health issues need someone check on him or her during the day to give medication if necessary. 

Adopted dogs of any age need a visit to help them acclimate from a kennel environment where they were surrounded by lots of activity 24/7.

Destructive Dogs need to expend that energy in a constructive way so as not to destroy the house or something that may be harmful (such as electrical cords) to their well being.

Dogs with separation anxiety find a great deal of comfort from having a routine and a good place to start is with a mid-day visit. However, if your dog still exhibits issues he or she should be brought to a dog behaviorist for evaluation.

Dogs who are prone to bladder issues and/or urinary tract infections need a break because holding urine for long periods of time is unhealthy.

High energy dogs will benefit from an extended visit (this usually equates to an hour) or two visits per day because this routine this will produce a calming effect.
Overweight Dogs will avoid health issues such as  diabetes, heart and joint problems, arthritis and more simply from partaking in a routine mid-day walk .

If you live in the Dover, New Hampshire, area and would like to get your dog signed up for regularly scheduled walks, please contact Teacher's Pet Sitting Service today!