Monday, January 25, 2016

Maddox the Min-Pin Has Been Lost Since Christmas Eve, 2012! Could You Help Him Find His Way Home?

Hello Everyone, 

Could I ask a favor of you to please send this plea for help to find Maddox on your Facebook page? I wrote about his escape shortly after he ran away from a friend's home on Christmas Eve 2012 but according to his Facebook page he is still missing and needs all the help he can get. Thank you!


March 25, 2013  

How far would you go to find your missing pet? For me, I've gone to great lengths to find my tabby cat, Henry, when he nudged his way out of a poorly screened-in porch years ago by frantically hanging posters throughout the city, knocking on neighbor's doors with a photo of Henry in hand, posting an ad on Craigslist, registering Henry as missing on several on-line pet search sites, visiting area animal shelters, etc, and after all of that effort Henry arrived safely at my back doorstep six days later.

  I was one of the lucky ones to have Henry back in my life within a short time period but Jackie Vestal has been searching tirelessly for her 7-year-old miniature Pinscher, Maddox, since Christmas Eve after escaping from a friend's garage while she and her husband were on vacation.

 As soon as Jackie and Brandon were alerted of Maddox's escape they rushed to Oklahoma City to find him but to no avail so Jackie took a leave of absence from work to dedicate her time to finding her beloved dog and quickly set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, and website (Bring Maddox Home)to gain support from the public.  

Maddox's parents are in need of your support so would you please let them know you are crossing your paws for them today?  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Silly Cat Sunday

 During the next snowstorm I am going to consider building this snow cat! Will you?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

What Snow Means To Dogs!

Snow! When humans hear about it we start to nervously prepare for the big day but dogs, on the other hand paw, look forward to it and here's proof! I know snow can alter our plans for hours, for a day, or even longer but please consider going outdoors to enjoy it with your enthusiastic friends for awhile. Once you watch their antics you just might fall in love with this pesky white stuff FURever!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Seven New Friends Join the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Family

I am so excited to be introducing you to seven of my new friends who have been covering me with fur in the last few months!

 First of all, my Labrador retriever brothers, Finnley and Kobe, looked forward to playing ball with me while their owners were away for a weekend.

Next up is sweet little Sadie who is never lonely because

her Pekingnese brother, Bugsy, and

  and her upstairs neighbor, Rossi, keep her company.

And last but certainly not least are my weekly walking partners, Banana, a newly adopted German Shepherd mix, and

  six year old boxer and registered therapy dog, Cooper, have kept me on my toes while their owners are at work! 

If you live in the Dover, New Hampshire, area and have been looking for a professional pet sitter to take care of your companions while you are work or play, I can help! 

For further information about my services please visit my website or contact me directly at 603-315-1764 today!