Saturday, October 3, 2015

Three New Friends Join the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Family

I am always happy to add new friends to my list of mid-day walking partners and Buddy is no exception! He's always greets me with a huge smile and then he bounces out the door eager to explore the fascinating sights and sounds of downtown Dover!

In all of my years as a professional dog walker I've always hoped to one day have a pit bull to spend time with and my lucky day came a few weeks ago when Chance came into my life. He looks sad here but it is ONLY because he couldn't join his mom on a hiking trip because he tore his ACL a month prior and I had to make sure he had his pain medicine and an application of ointment on his scar tissue BUT he perked up as soon as we headed out the door for our walks.

Imogen's mom hired me to visit her sweet girl while she was out for a day of exploring some popular tourist spots up north and I was happy to entertain her! Since Imogen was a recent transplant to Dover she hadn't been away from her mom for long so keeping her company was very important that day.

If you have been thinking of hiring a dog walker or cat sitter and live in Dover, New Hampshire, or surrounding towns I would love to help! For more information, please visit my website and contact me for a free "Meet and Greet" today!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Rest in Peace, Sandi! You Will Be Missed!

I was deeply saddened to receive the news from Sandi's owner that she passed away from complications from cancer and old age on Tuesday night. Even though she had health issues I rarely noticed because she was always an enthusiastic walker and snack connoisseur. 

This picture was one of my favorites because it shows how difficult it was to ignore her pleas for "just one more" treat! Needless to say, I felt compelled to buy another can of peanut butter to make her happy!

Prior to taking care of Sandi during this past Thanksgiving and Christmas her owner told me that she was not good with other dogs, would not have much of an appetite, and wouldn't want to go for long walks and I was proud to let him know that she was doing the opposite! 

She was a sweet girl and we formed a wonderful bond very quickly and I will miss her terribly but the memories will live on forever! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Maggy's Tempting Four Course Meal

I can always count on my new client, Maggy, to watch me get her four course meal ready from her counter top perch

which always begins with delicious treats.

Afterwards, Maggy quenches her thirst and then

heads downstairs for her second and third course meal of Fancy Feast and kibble. 

Naturally, it doesn't take long for her to run back upstairs for dessert!

 I then get immediate feedback (a lick on the lips) to let me know she was satisfied!

If you live in Dover and surrounding towns and are in need of a trustworthy and experienced pet sitter to serve your cat with a four course meal, contact me today to set up a free Meet and Greet! I'd be happy to help!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Olivia's Sweet Surprise

I know I've written about Olivia recently but I couldn't help but share an amazing and deeply rewarding experience that happened on Friday with you!

As you may remember, Olivia has not been known to appreciate visitors and that led her owners to believe that she would not be interested in befriending me but she surprised us by not only looking forward to her visits but by also allowing me to pet her for long periods of time!

I do believe that part of her reason for looking forward to her visits was because she knows me as the nice lady who pours her favorite delicacy, chicken broth, on top of her wet food but I also think she appreciated that I respected her boundaries. In other words, if she wanted to be left alone, I followed her lead but when she wanted extra pets I gave them to her. Another thing that I always did was to call her name when I arrive and gave her a gentle pat at he end of the visit with the promise that I would see her the following day.

The reward for allowing her to set the pace of our friendship was that she set her dainty little paws on my lap not once but twice on Friday and she stayed there purring and nudging my hand asking me to continue petting her! What a rewarding thing it is to win the trust and friendship of a shy cat who misses her owners terribly!

In two more weeks her owners will be home and I will certainly miss spending time with this sweet old gal! 

If you live in Dover or in surrounding towns and would like to have me visit your cat(s) please contact me to set up a free "Meet and Greet" today! I'd be happy to help!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Silly Cat Sunday

Why go out on a date when you can have a purrfectly wonderful night with your cat at home?