Thursday, May 18, 2017

How to Keep Your Dog (and Others) Safe During Summer Joy Rides

For the past few days four-legged residents of Dover, New Hampshire, have been enjoying the 80-90 weather by taking joy rides which is fun to watch because nothing is cuter than seeing a dogs' ears flapping in the wind but what worries me is when dogs are left alone in a heated car while owners run into a store to get a few errands done. As noted in the above picture, there is a huge difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures!

Last year the above picture circulated around the internet praising the owner as the "most responsible pet owner ever" but when I read it I shuddered because the owner was obviously misinformed about the dangers of overheated cars! As noted in the diagram above, temperatures rise significantly even if the air conditioner is running or the windows are slightly open!

I agree that it is tempting to get those errands done while your dog waits for you in the car because we really do intend to be in the store for a few minutes but those minutes could easily turn into an hour or even longer if the line at the cash register is too long or if you get distracted by a chance encounter with an old friend so the best advice I can give you is if it's too hot for a human being to be in the car then it is too hot for a dog.

But what if you happen to see a dog who is suffering in a heated car? My advice is to immediately alert the store's customer service so they can alert the owner to go to their car immediately.

After you've gone into the store to help locate the owner the next step is to call 9-11 but if you sense the dog is in immediate danger breaking the car window is recommended but be sure check if it is legal to do so. If you think you are being too nosy or too much of an alarmist, think again! New Hampshire is one of 19 states that prohibits leaving animals in a confined vehicle so don't feel guilty about taking quick action!
Please pass this post along so that these unprotected dogs can remain safe during hot weather! Thank you! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

 I hope every cat mom has a wonderful day with their furry "child"!

Friday, May 12, 2017

It's Lemmy's First Birthday in Heaven

When Lemmy's mom left his collar and leash set on the stove for me to take home I just couldn't muster up the energy to do so because that would mean that he really wasn't coming home. This was the set that sparked Lemmy into action, that took him for miles and miles past admirers in the neighborhood, to Hannaford (a nearby grocery store) which was his favorite walking path because there is a wonderful grassy field in the front that has interesting sniffing areas where other dogs and wildlife love to roam. He also loved when shoppers walked out of the store every time he stepped on the door mat! Another favorite stroll was to walk by the high school and then through an area where apartments dotted the side roads, and to my car where I once transported him, his brothers, and Daisy to get ice cream in Durham. 

Now this set (that was once Daisy's and then we gave it to Lemmy not minding that it was girly looking) sits in my car unused because, hey, it was his! I'm going to bring it in the house and place it somewhere special to remember him by. 

Is it odd that I was this close to Lemmy? Not at all since I spent just about every month with him ever since we met in July 2014 and often stayed overnight in a room his parents call "April's Room" because I was there more than I was at my own place! 

Another thing that makes me thankful for him is that I became immersed in his life only a few weeks after my dad passed away (June 29) of esophageal cancer and, believe it or not, Lemmy and his brothers were a great comfort to me. I temporarily forgot about my grief by walking with four dogs (my pup included) who provided unconditional love and it was just the "medicine" I needed and for that I am indebted to Lemmy for being a friend. I will never forget him! 

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor on April 5th and had moments of clarity and silliness and seemingly good health (we all thought he'd live for several weeks after the diagnosis) but on the April 15th at around 7pm his mom sent a text to say that he had deteriorated quickly (he lost the use of his hind legs and was in a lot of pain) and was going to take him to the emergency vet. I panicked and cried. I knew it was the end. I'm so glad I spent several hours with him the previous Monday (the above picture was the last one I took of him) but I'm still shocked that he left us so soon. 

Today he would've been celebrating his 9th birthday along with his litter mate and best bud, Iggy, and how we all wish he were here to get spoiled rotten by all who love him! This picture was taken just before we headed to get doggie sundaes (vanilla ice cream with a side of two milk bones) and, as usual, they charmed everyone at the ice cream stand! 

I took this picture five days after Lemmy passed away:(
If you have a moment, please express your condolences here because I'm sure his loved ones (including Iggy and Arty) and HIS FANS (Yes, he had plenty of fans!) would appreciate it. Thank you.