Monday, May 2, 2016

Doing Laundry is a Treat For Daisy!

Doing laundry has never been something I look forward to until yesterday when a very pleasant laundry attendant named Amber invited Daisy inside! 

At first, Daisy was a little spooked by the sounds of whirling clothes and rolling carts but with some reassurance from me and

and some coaxing from Amber to walk to the counter with the promise of a

a treat Daisy soon realized that laundromats are safe and friendly!

As with everyone who meets Daisy, Amber was instantly smitten with her and soon enough she taught Daisy a new trick which was to wait patiently while she

put a treat in her mouth and when she motioned for her to grab it 

from her she did it perfectly with only a few practice tries! 

Needless to say, doing laundry won't seem like a chore any longer thanks to 75 Broadway Laundromat in Dover, New Hampshire, now that Daisy can be at my side!

I'm curious to find out if your laundromats allow your dog to visit and what they think of the experience! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Silly Cat Sunday

I always wondered why cats get so excited when we bring new bedding home and now I know why!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Paw Print Art For a Cause

I will soon be volunteering as a humane educator at a local elementary school on behalf of Cocheco Valley Humane Society and during that time I will be giving a short lesson on responsible pet ownership, how to approach unfamiliar dogs on the street, the skills required for walking dogs, etc, and after that I will follow up with an interactive activity and I thought it would be fun to have the children make paw prints with the doggie volunteer who accompanies me (Daisy will soon be one of them!) so that they can turn them into

 a floral arrangement! 

What do you think of this project? I'm sure every educator and mom has seen this done with children's feet and hands but to see this done with dog's paws is just as darling!

I will be sure to keep you posted when the elementary students do this project with our humane educator dogs!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Friday is Daisy's Favorite Day of the Week

Since it's Friday I thought I would share this little story with you and you'll understand why within minutes: 

When Daisy was a little girl she looked forward to Friday night because that was when the pizza delivery guy arrived with a medium cheese pizza in hand which made her bark for joy for obvious reasons but when I moved to Dover five years ago that ritual abruptly ended and Daisy was very confused by this because none of my visitors presented us with a pizza upon arrival! 

To confuse her further, we started walking by pizza places and she pulled me to the door every single time in the hopes that we were going in to pick up our order but, sadly, that wasn't the case! To make the situation even more heartbreaking, Daisy always stares at Papa Jay's Pizzeria's sign as if she is actually reading it! If she could read and have the ability to drive I bet she would apply for the job because A) She would get a discount. B) She's memorized the route back to our home. C) I am convinced she wants her Friday night routine back!

But then again I think she simply wants pizza at any time of the day because she pulls me to this door EVERY SINGLE time we walk by and I have to explain that I forgot my wallet AGAIN but I will remember it next time so we we can share a slice together! Yes, I know pizza isn't good for dogs but a treat every now and then is fun for both of us!

 So now I'm curious, dear readers, as to whether your dogs love pizza as much as Daisy does! What is their favorite topping? Do you routinely have it delivered or do you pick it up? I can't wait to read your responses! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ten Days With Daisy, Buster, and Dinah Was Doggone Purrfect!

Yesterday marked the tenth and final day of taking care of Daisy (the pup with the cute little white bib) and Buster which means that they relaxed, 


napped with my dog, Daisy, 

and, of course, ate breakfast and dinner together 27 times for thirty minutes or even longer each day!


When the pups got settled in after their walks we could always count on their sweet and very beautiful sister, Dinah, to check in on us and 

Daisy was particularly excited to have frequent staring contests with her!

When owners are on vacation I often feel like their pets are my own and I begin to spoil them with special treats so these pups were thrilled to feast on Mini Busy Bones and 

Daisy was too! 

If you live in Dover, New Hampshire, and surrounding towns and would like your pets to have the luxury of having me come to their home rather than stay in an unfamiliar daycare facility, please contact me! I'd be happy to spoil them just like I did with Daisy, Buster, and Dinah

For more information please visit my website at!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Simon's Purr-sonalized Chair

In my ten years as a professional pet sitter I've never met a cat who mutilated his mom's favorite chair as badly as Simon did and I've never met a cat who clearly didn't care what I or anyone else for that matter thought of his 


After I sent these pictures to his mom she replied with, "Great pic! Yes, he's pretty much destroyed my desk chair. Very naughty. Very dear." 

What do you think of Simon and his beloved chair? 

 If you have a mischievous cat who would love to have his picture taken while you are on vacation I am available! For more information about my services and to book a reservation please visit my website today!