Friday, April 29, 2011

4 Reasons Why I Love My Bamboo Quick Control Dog Leash & Seat Belt Latch

Would you believe that I snagged this Bamboo Quick Control Dog Leash and Seat Belt Latch at a Goodwill Store for $4.98? And what a surprise to find that this leash is not only sturdy but also very functional; so functional, in fact, that I never leave the house without it. 

One reason why I love this leash is because the leash's seat belt latch doubles as a a key chain holder!

Second, I can easily reach in for a tasty reward for Daisy and some emergency money for her human all because a zippered pocket is at my fingertips!

Third, buckling Daisy into the backseat is a fantastic safety feature because she stays in one place without jeopardizing my safety as I drive.

And finally, with the help of the seat belt latch and Carabiner clip, I can give Daisy a few more minutes of fresh air while I unload grocery bags from the car!

As you can see, I am hooked on this durable, incredible leash and I hope you will consider buying one for yourself and for your pooch! 

If I've convinced you to buy this leash click here or here or head to Walmart or Goodwill today!


  1. Looks like a great product. We'll keep our eyes open for one.

  2. What a great idea, we have seperate harnesses for long car journeys which are annoying as they stop us standing up to look out of the window! Good idea to keep the keys safe too! Dex & Lou x

  3. I love this post... I have NEVER seen anythingy like this before... butt my mom DOES have a carabiner on my car (Jennifer Jeep) leash.. to keep her keys on when we take short walks.
    I love it that there is a built in seat belt buckle thingy.
    I wonder where it was purchased, and why it ended up for sale again.

  4. That is a good find. I might get one and I don't even own a dog.

  5. Wow... that sounds like a great leash. I never walked on a leash. When HH tried a couple of times to put me on a leash, I just flopped on the floor and became a dust mop. HEE HEE

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Sounds like a great leash!! Thanks for the review! Take care

  7. Mom says that is something she could really use on a day like today . We are getting ready for a walk and she has no pockets in her pants. Where to put the phone, keys, poop bags, etc. Thanks for the tip.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Thanks for visiting Ann's Reading Corner today, and thank you for becoming a follower, how kind of you.

    I have a toy poodle and a cute cat. I'm sure I will enjoy visiting your blog often. I will put you on my sidebar, therefore, I won't miss any new posts.

  9. I like that leash! Is it 2-ply or one? It looks sturdy. I have a pouch for key and poop bags I can attach to my leash with velcro but I've never seen a leash that comes with all that great equipment already on.

  10. I guess I is a dork because I has nevers heard of dat kinda eash but I LOVES IT! My mum likes da seat belt part even though we sits in da back seat and nevers gets in da front...just to ease a mind it would be good. Dis sounds awesome!

    And to your comment...right on sista withs ALL you said bouts da neighbors! Yu said it betters thAN I could. I mean seriously, dat kennel is a peice of junk!!!!!


  11. Great find! I love the carrots in with the money too! hehe

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and following! I'm your newest follower too. I'd love to be featured on your blog. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

  13. Hmmm, sounds interesting
    Benny & Lily

  14. What a great leash. I used to have one similiar and it was nice to loop it around my waist while walking!


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