Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Praise of Funky Lawn Ornaments

Can you believe that someone thought to roll out a statue of me and three of my doggie clients to be viewed by everyone in Manchester? I wish the creators of this masterpiece had contacted me but I assume they wish to remain anonymous because, after all, if word got around, their privacy would be at stake. Who knows? Maybe they were crouching beneath their windows, watching me aim my camera at their unique snow menagerie, hoping I will blog about it.

On a more serious note, the “statues” reminded me of the playful wooden sculptures of a young man and his dogs just outside of Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel. The Dog Chapel is located in St. Johnsbury, VT, a chapel adorned with stained glass windows, wooden pews, Stephen Huneck’s paintings, and walls covered with tributes to deceased dogs. The tributes are so touching that it’s little wonder why there are tissues thoughtfully placed at each pew. For further information about the artist and author please visit


  1. That is so funny!! I am assuming this was in your front lawn?

  2. Thanks so much for my first comment! If my blog turns into a book-deal, I will dedicate the book to you & MacGowen in your honor for sure!
    No, the snow lady and her pups were resting several blocks away on the north end on Belmont. As I photographed the "crew" a lady passed by who mentioned that after every 1st snowfall, their yard is covered with snowmen!

  3. That's how we feel when we are walking dogs...very cold, and very stiff!


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