Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet My Tiny Pug Dancers, Fenway and Isabella

If you were to ask my pet sitting client, Fenway, what she wants to be when she grows up you may be surprised to learn that she wants to be a Prima ballerina. 

If you haven't noticed your pug's hidden talents, take a closer look at her performance each time you hold a treat above her nose and you will see how well she balances on her tip toes as she twirls. Watch her animated smile while you sing her praises!

You may have been thinking that your pug is just a clown; a girl who is wild about her treats, but think again! I've watched my other pug client,Isabella,as she twirled for her treats and I'm quite sure she was thinking about stardom and the roses that will be tossed at her feet at her upcoming performance. She dreams of becoming a star, a celebrity who is photographed every time she walks down the street and with a little practice I believe it will all come true for her one day! 

For those who are skeptical of a pug's dream to be a Prima ballerina, watch this video, and then watch your tiny pug dancer very carefully!


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