Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jilly Describes Her Follow-Up Vet Visit

Hey Everyone!

It's me, Jilly! Do you remember how I went to the vet last Friday with my pet sitter because she wanted to ask him how he could make my sore paws and itchy skin feel better? It's hard to tell in this picture from my first appointment but my paws were looking sad but I stopped feeling that way as soon as my pet sitter gave me a treat from a big bowl that was sitting by my exam room! Yum!

Well, yesterday at my 7-day check-up my vet smiled because he said my skin and paws looked better than ever! 

I told him it was because I took medicated shampoo baths (I don't look excited here but I promise I was!) and 

happily took my medicine (peanut butter is my best friend)! 

So after all of that good news you can imagine my shock when the vet said I "wasn't out of the woods" yet! What do you mean, doctor? Walking in the woods is a good thing, right? 

He said I need a painkiller, another antibiotic, a different menu, probiotics, fish oil, more baths, and a lot of other things I blanked out on for two more weeks! I don't know how long two weeks is but it must be a long time because the pile of medication on the counter was pretty high! 

I'll check in with you in two weeks! Thanks for reading! 

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