Sunday, February 5, 2017

Daisy's Surprise Meeting With Tom Brady!

The excitement was in the air at Nicole's Hallmark on 386 Central Avenue in Dover, New Hampshire, yesterday because it was rumored that Tom Brady was waiting for fans to pose with him so Daisy and I couldn't wait to get there! 

As soon as Daisy stepped foot in the store she was literally taken aback by the fact that he was very stiff and, well, lifeless, so she needed some reassurance that it was perfectly okay to stand near a likeness of him rather than the real deal! I explained that the real Tom was busy getting ready for the Super Bowl but if he could be at two places at the same time he certainly would pick to be with her instead of at home with his family! 

Further explanation about the details about today's big game were no longer needed when Daisy's favorite saleslady, Janet, stood near Tom with a treat in hand! 

As far as Daisy is concerned, she will forever associate Tom Brady with treats and that is enough for her to choose the Patriots as her favorite team! 

Will your dog be cheering for the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons tonight?

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