Monday, February 6, 2017

Daisy's Introduction to the Loudest Cookie Jar She's Ever Seen!

As many of you know, Daisy is my Teacher's Pet Sitting Service dog walking assistant who looks forward to taking trips to the bank to collect her payment!


 As soon as Daisy is greeted with, "Hello Daisy! How are you today?" her tail wags excitedly and her gaze becomes determined because she knows that

a loud, oblong cookie jar will fly down the tube with her tasty payment locked inside!

Personally, I'd prefer that the teller would slip some dollar bills in the "cookie jar" along with the milk bones but such is life when you've only got two legs! 

Does your dog go to the drive-through with you? If so, do the tellers know your dog's name? 

Please share your banking experiences with me because I'd love to compare notes!

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  1. Holy Milkbones! I wonder if I could get one for the house!
    Lily & Edward


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