Friday, July 29, 2016

Daisy Describes Her First Visit to Club Canine in Portsmouth, NH

 Hello All!
As you know, I hitch a ride with my mom almost every day to go to lots of friends' houses so we can take walks together so the other day was like no other EXCEPT she drove by everyone's house and I thought for a minute that she was confused (she gets that way sometimes) so I started whining and barking at her until she said we were on a thing called a h-i-g-h-w-a-y because that's how you have to go to get to the Portsmouth Dog Park! I've been here before so I was super excited to race right through the gate!

As you can see, I made a new friend right away! This fella and I immediately started chatting about how cool our moms are and how awesome it was there was an even cooler thing there called a p-o-o-l! I tried talking him into getting in there with me but he said no way because if he did he'd end up at Club Canine! What's so bad about an  all-expensive-paid trip to a club for dogs is what I thought so I got right in that dirty water and boy did it feel good! My mom was okay with it at first because it was like 90 bazillion degrees out but after awhile she said I should get cooled off in a cleaner place called (you guessed it) Club Canine so off we went!

As you can see, I was disappointed when I didn't see any palm trees or people walking around in straw hats and flip flops so I flat out refused to pose for my evil mom! 

And after a few minutes of fighting her to go in she succeeded and then I found myself in this giant bathtub! I was still unimpressed even though the shampoo smelled nice and the water was super cool! 

And to make matters worse, she pointed this vacuum cleaner hose at me even though she knows I hate that thing! But the weird part was that I didn't get sucked up into that hose and instead 

I felt a nice cool breeze on my fur. You know, the kind of breeze you feel when you're at a REAL BEACH CLUB! Anyway, I digress! It really wasn't that bad of an experience at all! After all, I was made to feel like a beauty queen, got a couple of treats, and was promised that because I was so good here that we'd go back to the park soon! So, check these two places out as soon as pawsible, my friends! 



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