Monday, February 29, 2016

The Time is Meow to Vote For Limberbutt McCubbins to Be Our Next President!

Limberbutt McCubbins, 6, a rescue cat from Louisville, Kentucky, who loves eating Cheetos and sleeping is trying to secure the Democratic nomination and I for one am going to vote for him!

How did his campaign begin, you ask? It all started when 17-year-old high school student Isaac Weiss, thought it would be hilarious to have the pet of his friend (and human mom of Limberbutt's), Emilee McCubbins, take a shot at the presidency.

Last spring, Weiss created "The Committee for the Installation of Limberbutt" on the Federal Election Commission's website, officially registering Limberbutt as a Demo-cat.

Yes, Limberbutt is only 6 years old, which would disqualify him for the presidency. But if we count Limberbutt's age in cat years, he'd be about 39, making him is constitutionally eligible.

His team has been having a lot of fun promoting Limberbutt for the presidency by helping him create a website, a Facebook page which has 11,632 likes, clever memes, seven platforms (one of the reasons why cats are especially uniting with him is because he wants catnip to be legalized), and lots of campaign gear including coffee mugs, t-shirts, bags, throw blankets, water bottles, windshield wiper tags, magnets, and so much more!
 With so many candidates to choose from I think "The Time is Meow" to give Limberbutt a chance! Don't "fur-get" to vote, everyone!



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