Monday, August 10, 2015

Meet My New Walking Partner, Sonny!

 This past week I had the pleasure of adding five year old Sonny, a yellow Labrador retriever, to my list of friends I walk on a weekly basis!  

From the two walks I've had with him so far I've learned these three things:

1. He has to have a treat as soon as I open the door just so he knows I'm not an intruder!

2. He is not as challenging to walk as his owners said he might be!

3. Sonny hears, "Wow! That dog is handsome! What is his name?",  from complete strangers at least five times per walk and he loves the attention!

Having Sonny and all of the other walking partners in my life makes me happy that I chose to become a professional dog walker and pet sitter!

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