Thursday, August 13, 2015

14 Days With Louis and Bucky Was the Cat's Meow!

It was so sweet to see Louis watch me park my car for two weeks last month and then 

have him sit beside me while I did a little bit of paperwork and

I loved that Bucky gave me his nod of approval after I refreshed his water fountain every morning

and then sniffed my shoes to try to figure out what other pets crossed my path. 

I could also always count on them to get into some kind of mischief and to this day I cannot figure out how they managed to knock over their mom's bicycle

or curtain rod!

As you can well imagine, spending fourteen mornings with these handsome and curious boys made me feel as if they were my very own and I was happy to send daily updates to their mom to give her peace of mind during this long stretch of time! 

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  1. You must always keep an eye on those humans
    Lily & Edward


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