Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tara the Cat Honored with Hero Dog Award for Saving Her 6-Year-Old Boy

When the topic of bravery comes up in a conversation involving pets dogs win the the debate just about every time but when Tara, pictured above, rescued her beloved 6 year old friend, Jeremy, from a vicious dog while he was playing in his front yard in Bakersville, California. The dog grabbed Jeremy by the leg and started dragging him and, incredibly, Tara ran up and tackled the pooch, and the entire incident was caught on video and has since been seen more than five million times on YouTube alone:

In May 2014, Tara became the first cat to receive the Los Angeles SPCA's Hero Dog Award. The shelter presented its 33rd annual Hero Dog award to the family in downtown Los Angeles.

Not surprisingly, Tara and her family were appeared on the Today Show and you can see them in action here

In addition to the award, Tara won a year's supply of cat food and fans who are following her on and on her Facebook page! Now that's some cat!

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