Saturday, June 27, 2015

What Type of Collar or Harness Works Best for Leash Training?

"How do I stop my dog from pulling on the leash?" is a question I've heard from frustrated clients often and one of my suggestions is to buy a martingale collar (often referred to as a no-slip or combo collar) because when it is fitted properly there's better control than with a harness and a dog will be unable to slip out of his/her collar. 

When I adopted Daisy in 2009 she was approximately nine months old and hadn't been leash trained so, believe me, I can relate to everyone who has had more than their share of problems walking their dog. 

I started training her with the use of a standard harness (shown above in 2009 with her friend, Sophie) and when that didn't work I tested the Easy Walk Harness out and then went on to using a Gentle Leader but she still continued to pull so at the last resort I experimented with a martingale collar and now she walks beautifully except for the occasional times when she tries to pull towards a squirrel or cat!

Even though I've had success with these collars I know that they aren't the best solution for every breed so I recommend experimenting with a variety of walking "gear" until you find one that helps you enjoy your walks with your furry friend.

What does your dog wear on his/her walks? What worked? What didn't work?  

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