Monday, June 22, 2015

Crates Are Great and Here's Why!

Sadly, many think that crates are forms of punishment but they aren't! Dogs love dens and thus think of crates as a cozy place to sleep and hide and that gives them a sense of security. The next time you think of crates in a negative way think of crates as a dogs version of a "man cave"!

Once you've decided that a crate can enhance your dog's life bear in mind that it should be sized to allow your furry friend to enter, turn around, eat, and sleep without enough room to go potty on the opposite end of the crate. 

As a professional pet sitter I've visited many dogs who were placed in an incorrectly sized crate and more often than not I arrived to find that he/she had soiled the crate and/or destroyed the bedding. To avoid having these frustrating things happen please remember this chart below when you shop for a crate.

Remember, a wolf will not soil his den and your dog does not enjoy a mess in his bedroom, either. The correct size crate enables crate training and results in fewer messes to pick up in the house. 

I hope this post has you convinced that crates along with correct sizing will make your dog(s) happy

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  1. My herd loves their crates. A "get in your house" when I need to leave and they all go and wait for their treat and crate doors to close. When I'm home, crate doors stay open and they nap there. :-)


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