Monday, October 20, 2014

Lemmy, Iggy, and Arty Join the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Family!

From left to right are my friends Lemmy, Iggy, and Arty and my dog, Daisy.
Because Lemmy, Iggy, and Arty's parents travel so often Daisy and I have walked more miles than we could count and during our trips around town we've met many people who could not believe how easy it looked for me to keep them from pulling me to the ground but much to my surprise walking with them put a smile on my face every time!

And when we weren't walking I've been amused by Arty's happiness whenever I dropped leaves for him to chase and eat

 while Iggy barked and begged me to play a game of fetch but it was next to impossible for me to snatch if from his wrinkly jowls. 

Meanwhile, Lemmy quietly waited for me to toss his ball to towards the trees.

And when their parents were away for an extended period of time a box of new food was delivered to the door and Arty was especially happy about that! 

 As you can tell, at every visit the boys were as happy as could be to have me and Daisy keep them company when their owners were far away!

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  1. Look at all those new kids! Cute
    Lily & Edward


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