Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Buster's Four Day Vacation

When I arrived at Buster's house on Thursday afternoon he looked at me sadly because he couldn't understand why he wasn't invited to his human's wedding in Maine so I told him that dogs weren't allowed at the ceremony BUT I told him arrangements had been made for him to

stay at my house instead and

he was excited about that because he hadn't been on vacation in years! 

The first thing that he did was take a look at my lovely backyard while I brought his belongings upstairs 

and then he thought it was very nice that I positioned his bed beside mine but he wasn't so sure he wanted me to take his picture! Ha! Ha!

The next order of business was to let him take care of his "business" and along the way I spotted a Bengal kitty but he didn't care to look at him because, naturally, he wanted to look at the squirrels on the other side of the street.

He was also very excited to have lunch and dinner with his friend Daisy because he'd never eaten with a friend before.

On Sunday morning he wanted to take in the rays for a few hours in my backyard before heading home. 

As you can tell, Buster had a very nice time with Daisy and my two cats for four days and he certainly was happy that his humans chose to have me take care of him at  my house rather than have me visit him three times a day at his house! 

If you live in the Dover, New Hampshire, and would like to have your dog vacation at my home please contact me and he/she will be sure to enjoy becoming part of my little family! I offer reasonable rates and lots of TLC!


  1. We used to have daycare and overnight care at a farm and we LOVED it. Sadly the woman doesn't do care anymore do to health issues. Right now our cousin stays at the house with us. Mom recently found out about another place she wants to check out that seems like it would be a good fit for us.

    Your place sounds delightful, but a bit too far away.

    1. I'm sorry you can't go to the farm that you love anymore! How sad! I'm sure that lady misses you! It sounds like your mom tried very hard to find another place for you to visit! I hope you like it!
      I don't have a boarding facility; I just have dogs stay with me at my apartment if that is the owner's know they wouldn't do well at home alone OR I stay overnight at their house. Either option makes me happy because my hear goes out to dogs (and cats too) who don't understand why they can't go on vacation with their owners.

  2. Looks like you are happy now
    Lily & Edward

    1. I was very happy there! After awhile I thought I lived there! Hee! Hee! Now I know that if my humans go away again I get to stay at "Hotel April"! Woo Hoo!


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