Sunday, September 29, 2013

Daisy's Unlikely Friendship With a Goat Named Izak


Would you believe that my mom asked this man (Bill Higgins) to hold my leash for a few seconds so she could photograph me with this strange looking creature? Yup, she sure did and do you wanna know why? Because she thought I had finally become friends with the most famous pet in town, Izak, and she had to tell all of her blogger buds all about it. The embarrassment of it all, I tell you! 

So here's me looking away from Izak while my mom giggled about how cute it is that I finally have a goat as a friend! 

Am I the only one standing here who can't see that I am looking A-W-A-Y from Izak and not AT him? Come on, my mom has lived with me for 4 years and she can't understand I like dogs way better than goats?

In my opinion, goats do strange things like:

stand on park benches,

                                                                                                eat leaves,

and ram dogs and humans with those strong horns at a moment's notice!

 Because my mom says it's good to make friends with people (and animals) from all walks (get it? walks?) of life I will try to be brave the next time I see Izak but no pictures, please!
P.S. My mom wants everyone to know that Izak lives in an apartment two streets away from us! Get a tour of his home by clicking here! You won't believe your eyes! 


  1. I've never met a goat, Daisy, but you look awfully brave sitting next to Izak.

  2. Hope no one and especially you Daisy were not hurt with head butting.

  3. Daisy, your mom is right; it's good to make friends with all sorts. And Izak is awfully, awfully cute!


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