Thursday, August 8, 2013

Woman Sells Possessions to Pay For Dog's Surgery

Vicky Hughes with Emma (© Paul Lewis)
Vicky Hughes and her dog, Emma
What would you be willing to do to save your dog's life? 

Vicky Hughes found her 6-year-old Dogue de Bordeauxe dog, Emma, collapsed one evening and was rushed to the emergency vets where she was diagnosed with a slipped disc that required immediate treatment.

Hughes’ two dogs, Emma and her bulldog, Sophie

The cost of the surgery, though, was $6,100 that Hughes assumed would be covered by her pet insurance. But when PetPals Direct rejected her claim, she "broke down in tears on the phone". 

Hughes went ahead with Emma's surgery (the pup is fine now), by emptying out her bank accounts and put up anything that could generate a dollar up for sale on EBay – her clothing, the freezer and her refrigerator.  What didn’t get sold on EBay was brought to a “car boot” (like a flea market), where Hughes sold the rest of her possessions.

After everything was sold, Hughes was left £1000 short of her goal.  She is hoping that there are kindhearted people who are willing to help her clear the rest of her bill through online donations (as of this writing, Hughes has raised 300% of what she needed which is amazing!).

We've all have stories about how we sacrificed for our beloved pets and I'd love to read all about your experiences so please share them. I can't resist a story with a happy ending and I know everyone else feels the same way! 


  1. Oh bless her heart what love she has for her dogs!!!
    stella rose

    1. I love what she did! I know we all have done or would do the same for our pooches!

  2. Since we are paying for Benny's liver cancer treatment, not selling possessions, we understand the position people face. The generosity of people is truly overwhelming
    Benny & Lily

    1. I know! Your mom is amazing and Lily is too for trying so hard to support Benny financially and emotionally. I admire you two! And I admire everyone for their prayers and donations to help Benny fight like a Frenchie! I read your Facebook updates every day and comment most of the time but don't get to your blog much because I'm a busy beaver. Think of you guys often! :)

  3. I hope she's able to rebuild her life with her dog!! Sweet story!


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