Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daisy and I Feed Our Sweet Tooth at Lolly

Ever since Lolly opened its doors on Easter weekend Daisy has been staring longingly in the windows hoping someone would open the door and let her browse but that never happened. Instead, the owners, Steve and Laurie, waved or came out to pet her. Daisy was fine with that for awhile until one day Daisy wouldn't budge from the front door. She seemed to know that the owners must have treats for dogs in there somewhere

and she was right!

 Daisy's long wait for a treat finally paid off by receiving not one treat but four! Daisy was thrilled, of course, and I know she'll be back for more in the days to come!

Besides the wonderful fact that Lolly caters to dogs, the store is a feast for the eyes for humans with its variety of candy, including jarred, nostalgic, local, and high-end candies.

In addition, the owners have the same love for vintage decor as I do and I was delighted to see these signs, possibly from the 60's, that they found in basement of the former City Hall Market


They also offer vintage and hand-made materials to wrap your delicious treats.

 And last but certainly not least, this 1950's candy dispenser (that works!) made me jump for joy and I know that this vintage find along with the other tempting treats for both dogs and humans is sure to delight everyone who walks into Lolly! 

This shop is located in Daisy's neighborhood at 278 Central Avenue in Dover, New Hampshire, and she's happy about that, of course. If you live out of state you can still visit at their website, Lolly, today!


  1. Lolly needs to move over here. Good job Daisy
    Benny & Lily

  2. Awwwww what a great shop for lovely Daisy and wonderful shop owners too!! Take care

  3. What a cool shop! Hooray for you!

  4. Sure it is a super duper place!
    Glad Daisy got some yummy treats!
    Kisses and hugs


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