Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogger Bud, Benny, is Fighting Like a Frenchie But Needs Our Support!

I was going to write about Daisy's recent trip to the candy store today but when I found out that Benny, our French Bulldog buddy, was diagnosed with liver cancer  I had to share this news with everyone immediately in the hopes that you could help him by donating to his Go Fund Me page. Could you help by donating just $1.00 to help him fight like a Frenchie?

In the meantime, this is what his sister Lily had to say about poor Benny's condition:
"My brother Benny was never sick one day in his whole life. On Wednesday night our lives changed forever. My Benny missed a meal and threw up. He started panting, something was wrong. We took him to the VET, than to the ER and then to the Critical Care Hospital. He has been there since. He was bleeding inside and his liver was huge...we were so scared. He had blood transfusions and was given plasma and antibiotics intravenously etc. We called and called, then the Doc called with updates. We visited our Benny boy.

Yesterday we were informed a liver biopsy result was liver cancer. We are now fighting for Benny one hour at a time. He is not in pain. He is stable and receiving the appropriate care. Our goal and the Doc's goal is to get Benny the treatment he needs, to make him comfortable and to help him come home with us for the rest of all his days. This treatment will include various medications, blood treatments and visits with the Oncologist. We love you Benny - you have the world rootin' for you Big Boy."
We are all crossing our paws in support for Benny and hope everyone does what they can to help whether it's prayers, donations, or just a kind word!




  1. We stopped by and donated....we have been so sad ever since he went to the er and hoped and prayed every single day that it wouldn't be serious, i think God just has different plans than us at times BUT if love can win and being strong at heart can win, well Benny has lots of that!
    Thanks for your post today!
    Stella Rose

    1. I agree that God has different plans for us but it is hard to imagine why such a sweet boy like Benny has to struggle with cancer. Maybe it is to remind us that life is special and we have to remember to appreciate everyone always?
      Anyway, I just love that all the Blogville residents pull together in good times and bad and I'm sure Benny and family are happy about the support.

  2. I have been to their blog and when Tom comes home we will send them some small donation since we don't have much. I feel so sorry for Benny.. I lost a dog to cancer it's hard!!!!

    1. I haven't lost any of my pets, thank God, but I have lost many pet sitting clients to a variety of illnesses/diseases and it is never easy for the owners so I can relate to everyone who is going through or has gone through such a tough time of grief.

  3. Moms crying, thank you friends. You are helping us through this difficult time
    Benny & Lily


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