Monday, June 3, 2013

All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

Another reason why I love pet sitting is because I am constantly learning about new gadgets and gizmos related to pet care. For example, when I arrived at my "Meet and Greet" consultation at Teague's house he met me at the door wearing a cummerbund.


While I admired his fashionable outfit his  little brother, Rory, sat beside me wearing yet another cummerbund that was equally as cute.

According to Teague and Rory's owner, the pups have not been able to break the habit of marking their territory and at the last resort she outfitted her dogs in cummerbunds and the results have been reMARKable!   

Should you decide to order a cummerbund/belly band just remember that your pooch can be just as fashionable as the next guy (or girl) with these wonderful fabric choices found at

Give your dog a chance to get all dressed up so they have somewhere to go today!


  1. I had a friend who used to show Jack Russells - she would put those on at hotels to keep the males from having accidents. I always thought it was clever.


  2. Stylish and practical!! Hello Teague and Rory!! take care


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