Monday, December 17, 2012

Daisy Introduces Her Pre-Loved Crate from Much Loved Friend, Bebe

 Hello Friends, 

It's me, Daisy! Before I get started on my latest and greatest piece of news I wanted to tell you that my mom has been a little nuts ever since I ran in front of a car last Saturday afternoon! I mean, she's been interrupting my sleep with exclamations like this, "Guess what? One of our newest clients just donated ____" and "Oh my goodness! One of our blogger friends just gave us advice about the surgery!" and "Oh, Gail from Pawsitive Pet Nutrition wants to make sure you eat healthier than ever after surgery by having you lower your carb intake!"  

Every time my mom woke me up with a comment I couldn't help but notice that a crate was sitting beside me. Was I dreaming, I wondered? And if not, who gave it to me?


My mom told me that the pre-loved crate was from my walking partner and friend, Bebe!  I didn't get into it right away because I had to let the whole idea of having one of my best friends give me something so thoughtful! I mean, how did Bebe know that I would need a place to rest comfortably from my annoying loving cat brothers, Buster and Henry, after my surgery on Tuesday morning?

To get a better look at my new crate I gathered up all of the strength that I could to climb up to my mom's uncomfortable comfortable couch to look at my gift from afar! Don't you love my "new" crate? And more importantly, don't you hate it that I'm having surgery on Tuesday morning? Truth be told, I had a feeling my mom wasn't going to tell me about the surgery so I snuck over to the computer and read the news myself! I'm so worried about it but I know all my Blogger peeps, neighbors, and my friends have my back my hip and I thank you for that! 




  1. Daisy,
    I think you will like your crate just fine. Such a generous gift. Good luck with the surgery.


  2. Daisy we are thinking of you and paws are crossed over here. Please ask mum to give a pup-date as soon as she knows how you are and when she has time. Take care and we wish you a speedy op and home soon.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Sweet Daisy!!! You have a gorgeous crate there! Yay! We continue to send you healing hugs and purrs! Take care

  4. I will keep my paws crossed all day today and tomorrow so that you will have a very successful surgery. That was nice of your friend to give you a crate for your recovery.


  5. You are in my thoughts and prayers, my there a TV for you to watch in that crate and a bell to ring for service....better check that out....

    1. Remington,
      I never thought to add cable tv to Daisy's crate but after I read your comment to Daisy she immediately called Comcast an had "the works" installed! If the bill gets too high for us to handle please know that you are responsible! LOL

  6. Daisy you and mom are in our prayers this week. I am glad so many people have helped in all different ways...its what makes the world go round...right!
    Hugs and hugs and hugs
    stella rose and mom

  7. That is a very nice crate. Perfect for resting with no whiskers poking around to bother you. We will be praying for you friend and for your mom as well.

  8. Daisey! We met one of your relatives yesterday on our walk and she was SO nice. We thought it was a good sign! We'll have all eight paws crossed for you tomorrow!

    -Bart and Ruby

    1. Oh boy! One of my relatives? She must've spoken with a North Carolina accent, right? Hee-hee!

  9. glad you got a crate so your brothers wont be able to pester you Hope your surgery goes well and get plenty of rest.

  10. Daisy your jail cell is beautiful just like mine was
    Benny & Lily

  11. what a generous gift from your friend. It will help immensely after your surgery.

  12. As long as your new diet includes treats, I'm sure you'll be fine!


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