Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Peek Inside Cocheco Valley Humane Society's Open House

On Saturday, September 15th, Cocheco Valley Humane Society hosted their first Open House from 11am-2pm where guests could enjoy face painting, baked goods, dog walking demonstrations, a tour of the shelter, and, of course, meet and greets with the animals!

Saturday's Open House marked the end of a clever 5 day Adopt-A-Thon that started out with Tag Sale Tuesday followed by Wish List Wednesday (donate an item to the wish list and get 30% off the adoption fee), Thirty Dollar Thursday (adoption fees for cats, rabbits, and ferrets for only $30), and Fido Friday (all dogs were half price). The final goal of the Adopt-A-Thon was to adopt out 100 shelter animals and I'm sure many hearts melted when they saw

Bella, a relaxed and happy 7 1/2 year old lab mix, smiling at them from behind her grassy cage


Rocky, a very sweet 7 year old lab mix who spends as much time outdoors or in a staff member's office as often as possible because the caged areas make him anxious.

And for those guests who weren't sure about  adopting a dog, these bunnies could make a house a home, or perhaps

a pair of canaries might do.

If not, this inquisitive ferret might be a perfect companion or maybe

or a parrot mix named Maxxine would suit a guest's fancy.

But if guests changed their mind about adopting a dog then maybe they could be talked into adopting two chihuahuas whose size equals the size of one pup! 

Or if visitors had their heart set on adopting a cat there certainly were plenty to choose from in multiple rooms throughout the overcrowded shelter.

Throughout the day, the adult cats received a lot of attention but the most popular room of all was the kitten nursery where even visitors purred with delight!

While volunteering at Cocheco Valley Humane Society's Open House many animals found their forever homes but there are still plenty more furry and feathered pets waiting for you to adopt them! 


 Thank you to all who asked if the shelter met their goal of finding homes for 100 animals by September 15th! I wish they reached their goal but I'm happy to announce that 30 pets found their forever homes instead! Congratulations!


  1. What a marvelous idea! I hope they reached their goals.


  2. What great idea. Did they reach the goal?

  3. that seemed like a really nice shelter, made me sad to see all the pups, dogs, cats etc waiting on their forever homes, i sure hope they met their goal!!
    stella rose

  4. That adopt-a-thon sure sounds like a great idea, and we enjoyed seeing the shelter. Did they reach their goal?

  5. Yes I do hope they did meet their goal!!!? I have never had a dog (for various reasons) but if I did now I think it would be a small one like a chihuahua - it would be smaller than Austin lol xx

  6. We hope those left will find forever homes soon. Great job to all those involved. Have a lovely evening.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. what a wonderful place. I am hoping they made their 100 goal...did they?

  8. Oh how we wish that all animals could find their forever homes so there wouldn't be a need for shelters. But I guess we live in the real world. Great job with the open house.

  9. Thanks for asking if the shelter reached their goal of adopting out 100 animals. At the moment I don't know if the goal was met but will update you as soon as I find out!

  10. It IS overcrowded :-/
    I hope they will all soon find a furrever home!

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