Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Daisy, Henry, and Buster's Christmas Menu

Daisy must've sensed that it was Christmas morning and therefore a good time of day to push boundaries because as soon as I opened the fridge to give her her usual chicken and plain yogurt (the only meal she's been willing to eat since last Tuesday) she perked up her ears at the sight of my Chobani raspberry yogurt and begged to give it a try. As you can see, she loved every bite!

Meanwhile, Henry and Buster were quite content to eat their usual mixture of kibble and Fancy Feast but I suspect it's because they know chicken is on the menu for Daisy them at noon when she gets her next dose of medication!

What snacks or meals are on your pet's menu this morning? 

P.S. While Daisy, Henry, and Buster are snacking, sleeping, and dreaming of their next meal I will be out visiting my pet sitting clients so if I don't respond to your comments right away I will as soon as I get a free moment! Merry Christmas to all! 


  1. April have a really lovely day. We wish all your household a very merry Christmas. Have a good one.
    Best wishes Molly Pippin & Peeps.

  2. Merry Christmas from all of us at Brian's Home!

  3. Merry Christmas to all of you. A pet sitter rarely gets the holidays off so I hope you get some snuggle time with your kids later.


  4. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful fun-filled New Year!

  5. Merry Late Christmas

    Stop on by for a visit


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