Thursday, July 19, 2012

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

There's nothing better than a joyful greeting from my pets after a long absence but it's another thing entirely when they make me feel guilty by greeting me with a look of

flat out depression,




While I made sure Buster, Henry, and Daisy were well taken care of during my absence they clearly missed me and much as I missed them!

Do your pets react the same way mine do when you arrive home after a long absence? How long does it take for them to forgive you for leaving them?


  1. I don't make my MOM wait to let her know I missed her. I give her the guilt trip before she leave however. I see the Non-Goose suitcase come out and I know I am not going. That's when I turn on the guilt trip face.

  2. Quiet disdain and the cold shoulder , followed by the question ,where is my present? Oh maybe I missed you, followed by , where is my treat? And then only then lots of love and licks. Can't have those humans thinking they are the one and only.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We forgive ealisy, homecomings are the best!

  4. Usually there's the initial outpouring of joy. Which is quickly followed with the "wait a minute. we're mad at you!!!", then the "we haz presents?!", touching me but no eye contact and finally real cuddles. The whole process takes about 2 days.

  5. Hello everyone!
    It's us, Buster, Henry, and Daisy and we loved your comments (and we are going to use your pawsome suggestions next time our mom leaves/abandons us!

    Your "guilt trip face" idea is pawsome!

    Molly the Wally,
    Asking for our presents is brilliant!

    Yes, homecomings are perfect but we need presents!

    The "no eye contact" thing is great but we don't know if we could keep our eyes off our mom for 2 days but we'll think about it!

  6. Awwww sweet Buster, Henry and Daisy are so happy you are home!!!

    Charlie just grounds me! LOL! Take care

  7. My dogs give me a happy dance every time I come home (or emerge from the shower). My cat never seems to notice whether I'm there or not, except when she's hungry. :)

  8. I am never gone too long, not more than a couple of hours, so they kind of look at me, Oh you are back. Of course the cats are always wanting another meal.

  9. Marg,
    Can we join your family? Or could you move in so we are never away from a human? Hee-hee!
    Henry & Buster always have to eat as soon as our mom comes home but I can wait (but only for a few minutes)...Daisy
    Old Kitty,
    Charlie is very lucky to have you as a stay-at-home mom! Hee-hee!

  10. Cody pretty much could care less (unless it affects his meal time lol)...he paces at the door if it is near mealtime.

    Dakota gets so excited that whenever we come home he runs around with his red, white and blue ball and I sing "Hooray for the red, white & blue" I MUST get it on video!

  11. Caren,
    That is so cute that Dakota grabs his red, white, and blue ball when you come home and it must be so fun for him to hear the joy in your voice as you sing to him! Yes, you need to get your voice and Dakota's reaction to it on video!

  12. Your furbabies must be so happy to have you home!:) We hate being away from our pawrents for too long.

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  13. Thank you so much for leaving words of comfort for me on the passing of my beloved cat, Alex. Marc and I are heartbroken. We know we did the right thing, and every day we realize how much Alex was “preparing us” during the last few weeks, but it doesn’t make it any easier. We can’t stop the tears…. But having wonderful friends, like you, and the support of the CB is making it better….

    I am so glad you returned from your blogging break to learn about Alex.... You were always very special to him (and me) and I think fondly about Lenox and Alex all the time...

  14. Floyd and I are always super EXCITED when our humans get home, we don't hold a grudge.

  15. Well, I've never left Ryker for more than 14 hours. He always goes nuts when I return. The cats, oh, they can do the guilt trip very well. But not for very long!

  16. So HAPPY to see you again....hope you absence was fulfilling and now you can get back to blogging with us!


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