Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's 'Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest' Time!

Last night Buster discovered a very unique cat tree; a vintage bread box that rests right above 

our refrigerator! 

This was a daring move for a cat who is vertically challenged due his his 20 pound status but he somehow managed to reach new heights last night and we couldn't be prouder!

So, there's the scoop about these two Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest photographs! Can you tell me what silly thoughts Buster had while he perched w-a-y up there?

So, if can you think of a silly caption for one or both of these photos? If yours is the silliest two lucky winners will -- 

  • receive a silly gift from me in the mail

  • be added to my SILLY SATURDAY HALL OF FAME on my sidebar and you'll be envied by all of the residents of Blogville.

And the details of the contest are -

  •  To play along you must follow my blog. When captioning, please tell me if you are following me via GFC, e-mail, or RSS. I will follow you back too!
  •  Caption the silly photo.
  •  Enter as many times as you wish.
  •  Come back to check out your silly competition throughout the day.
  •  Contest ends at NOON (EST)  - SUNDAY, 5/1!
  • The silly winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon (or sooner if Daisy wakes me up on time)!




  1. Since I have experience climbing things as I am also I kitty. I beleieve that Buster is thinking:

    "Ok Ok I'm up, whew.......uhhhh how am I going to get back down again?"

  2. Awww Buster - you are just amazing!! Take care

  3. Wow, I'm thinking..
    "Now I know what bigger-than-a-bread-box means!"

    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

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  5. What do you get when you cross a cat & a toaster?
    You get a Hot Poppin' Tomcat!

    TEE HEE!!

  6. "Hey Daisy, bet you can't see what I can, there's chicken on the work top, I'll tell you where to jump and get it"

    I always think cats would try and get us dogs into trouble if they could
    See Yea George xxx

  7. Hi,
    @George the Lad - So where is this chicken? I've been looking all over but no luck so far!
    @Amber Mae - I did feel kinda warm up there and now I know why!
    @Katnip Lounge - I've never been told I look like a bread box and now I see the resemblance!
    @Sarge - Hmmm....I am bigger than a bread box, aren't I? No wonder I can't fit inside that thing!
    @Old Kitty - Thanks! I feels amazing!
    @Erika and Blair - You are right! It was really hard to get myself down from there!

  8. Sure was a lot of trouble getting up here, but I heaved my gorgeous body all the way up. Whew!!!!

  9. No wonder he is up there, must be a great bun warmer:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. OK.. now I know this isn't FAIR since I (Frankie Furter) have already been lucky enough to win.. TWICE... BUTT I can't resist entering this one:

    Sorry Dahlings.. this is RESERVED.. Fur UPPER CRUST.. only!!!!

  11. You asked about why my People Cracker Prize Pressie wasn't in the picture... ummmmmm well, it sort of, kinda.. met with my Teefs and my Teefs WON!!! BUTT.. I know that I can find some MORE and I'll try to restrain myself... TRY, I said... no Pawmisses.

  12. Gees, and I thought this was a toaster!

  13. Really,mom, really? You are gonna eat that? OK, then. I don't want to hear any complaints later!!!

  14. The warm air up here is perfect for my royalness.

  15. @Marg - I know! I've been trying to figger out how to get off of this box furever!
    @The Op Pack- Hee! Hee! A bun warmer! That's funny!
    @Frankie Furter - Thanks fur realizing what I am -- the upper crust! And good fur you fur eating those "people"; I wish I could take a bite out of my humans once in awhile!
    @Hilary - Yeah, I see my mom eat things that I know will make her say, "Oh, I'm so fat now!"
    @Cooper and Lola - Yep, I am pretty darned royal!
    @Sophie - I was really disappointed that I wasn't warming my butt in a toaster. Oh well, I tried!

  16. "They can't see me...OMG...they have no idea where I am...OMG...she doesn't even know I'm up here...this is AWESOME!"

    Following you on GFC (Kristin)...stopping by from the Crazed Fan hop!
    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin
    keenlykristin at gmail dot com

  17. One of my Facebook friends, Fran Earle, wrote "I told you ... I DON'T like mice!"
    Very funny caption, don't you think?

  18. "Want a piece of bread to go with your green beans and kibble Daisy?"

  19. @ Katie - you know exactly what my coon hound sister likes to eat, fur sure! I do monitor her appetite from afar, you know!
    Also, a friend of my mom's, Norma Giovinelli, sent in a caption via Facebook and it was -
    "This is what I mean by "on top of the world!"

    Very impressive, ladies!

  20. Great vantage point--

    "Wow! I can see Chicago from here!"


  21. Not entering today's 'cause I won last week, but I just wanted to say how cuuute the photos are! ;)

    BTW...sent you an email... did you receive it? If not, please let me know! Thanks! :)

    Woofs & hugs,


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  23. Awwww Sarge, you stole my line!!!!!

    "OK, where's the masseuse? I am ready for my rub down!"

    Chloe and Cecil

  24. Buster here! I not so good with math but I think I've counted 16 captions! I am so popular, aren't I? Who am I kidding? I am popular! I will fall off this toaster ... umm ... if I see 4 more captions by noon time....the end of the contest! So hurry! I've gotta get off this thing!

  25. Now to get back down, just close my eyes and..... Hugs GJ x


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