Thursday, December 16, 2010


Why did I create this Thursday blog hop, you ask? Simply put, our three kiddos (Henry, Buster, and Daisy) want to meet three or more friends on their favorite day of the week and I thought their idea was pawsome!

Here are the guidelines of the Thankful Fur 3 Thursday Blog Hop:

1. We love your pawticipation and want to show it! In addition to gaining followers, each week we are giving today's Google Friend Connect followers, RSS reader subscribers, and e-mail subscribers a chance to be featured in next Thursday's blog post by doing the following:

a) Become a Google Friend Connect follower or an e-mail subscriber or subscribe in a RSS reader and let us know what type of follower you are.

b) Leave a comment letting me know that you want to me to post a write-up for next Thursday's Blog Hop. When you comment please let me know what type of follower you are along with your blog address.

3. When people comment on your blog and let you know they’re a part of Thankful FUR 3 Thursday, return the favor and follow them back.

4. Remember, YOU can put the blog hop link on your blog too! Just click “GET THE CODE HERE..." at the bottom of the page!

Now that the introductions are out of the way, let's meet last week's 3 newest blogger buddies! Be sure to say hello to them and add them to your friend list, okay?

1. Shannon's blog focuses on the ins and outs of my everyday life in Nashville, TN, with her athletic trainer hubby, Adam, and her adorable basset hound, Beauford's funny antics! If you want to see what dinners Shannon puts on the table or what projects she's working on then you need to follow this fantastic blog!

2. Sammy's human mom fell in love with this beautiful black cat while visiting friends in New Mexico, in 1997, when he very young. At first he was mistaken for a PUPPY because he spent so much time growing up with them! After awhile Sammy's mom found Sammy's soon-to-be brother, Andy, on a busy street in Mesa, Arizona. At the time, Andy only weighed 9 ounces but with lots of TLC Andy recuperated and is a happy member of the family!

3. We were so glad that Avery Jack broke out of jail a few days ago and found us in Blogville because it's always good to have a seasoned treat snatcher to keep us on our paws! Avery Jack is a 4 year old Chihuahua/Schnauzer mix whose other talents include cuddling, playing with toys, and being too darn cute!


  1. That's a great bunch fur sure and Sammy & Andy are very special friends to us!

  2. I bet Daisy will be happy to get some snow even if Mom only wants it on Christmas day! Oh well, at least she can enjoy it for one day!

    Elyse (and Riley)

  3. We haven't had the time to blog hop lately, but hope to get back in to it soon!

  4. Oh my word Avery Jack is hysterical!
    Benny & Lily

  5. Me and Charlie adore Sammy and Andy so it's so great to see them here!! And thank you for introducing us to beautiful and utterly adorable Avery Jack and amazing Shannon! Take care

  6. Hope you're enjoying your holidays! I managed to miss the window when the link list was open, so I am enclosing my link for the week here if you would like to visit:

    Merry Christmas to all!


  7. Sammy and Andy are aleady our pals, but we are going to meet Avery Jack and Shannon. Thanks!

    Happy Holidays! :)

  8. Just stopping by to thank you very much for the very nice Christmas card. We loved it and we all hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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