Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Fur 3 Thursday Blog Hop - 11/11/10

Welcome to Thankful FUR 3 Thursday Blog Hop! Why did I create this Thursday blog hop, you ask? Simply put, my three kiddos (Henry, Buster, and Daisy) want to meet three or more friends on their favorite day of the week and I thought their idea was pawsome!

This pet friendly blog hop is for every 2-legged and 4-legged blogger who wants to meet new and old friends alike. If you are not a fan of blog hops and do not wish to add your link below, we invite you to simply have fun, leave a comment (or not), and meet new bloggers who might strike your fancy.

Here are the guidelines of the Thankful Fur 3 Thursday Blog Hop:

1. We love your pawticipation and want to show it! In addition to gaining followers, each week we are giving today's Google Friend Connect followers, RSS reader subscribers, and e-mail subscribers a chance to be featured in next Thursday's blog post by doing the following:

a) Become a Google Friend Connect follower or an e-mail subscriber or subscribe in a RSS reader and let us know what type of follower you are.

b) Leave a comment letting me know that you want to me to post a write-up for next Thursday's Blog Hop. When you comment please let me know what type of follower you are along with your blog address.

2. To join in the Thankful Fur 3 Thursday, include your link in our list and follow:

The Teacher's Pets and Feeling Beachie

Remember....If you follow our blogs we PAWMISE to follow yours!

3. When people comment on your blog and let you know they’re a part of Thankful FUR 3 Thursday, return the favor and follow them back.

4. Remember, YOU can host the link list on your blog too! Just click “GET THE CODE HERE..." at the bottom of the page!

As promised, let's put our 3 newest blog friends in the SPOTLIGHT! We hope you will make add these fantastic bloggers to your blogroll list today!

1. Kipper wandered the streets of Puerto Rico as a stray and as a pup for a long time until someone rescued her and brought her to Massachusetts to find a forever home. Kipper now lives with her graphic designer mom and a kitty named Fritz and is enjoying the good life as a Taco Queen!

2. Ann Best is an incredible woman whose life could've been made into a movie because she unknowingly married a man who preferred the company of men and consequently she divorced him. In order to heal and start over, she moved from Utah to Virginia and soon started to write about her past in her soon to be published novel, In The Mirror. Ann also writes about her children, grandchildren, and her life as a caregiver to her brain-injured child, Jen.

3. Noah is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd was born in corn country (Bloomfield, Indiana) on 4/13/2010 and has grown to love tennis balls, sticks, herding, peanut butter treats, PetSmart, and flower beds. He also loves putting his paws on the keyboard because he loves sharing his adventures with his bloggie pals!


  1. We met Noah online and follow him. He is a beautiful pup! The other two we are not familiar with but will visit. Thanks!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. Awwww yay!! Ann is lovely!! Me and Charlie love Ann!! :-) Yay!!

    Awww Kipper is ADORABLE!!!!! We love his big grin! And Noah!! My goodness - he's a very handsome young doggie!! Wow!!

    Thanks for another fabulous bloghop to new and amazing blogfriends!!! Take care

  3. Nice to see Ann features, she is way cool. I'll have to check out the other two. I would have stopped by sooner but my internet said nope, not yet!

  4. Hi

    I'm a new GFC follower and this is my first week joining your blog hop! I have two beautiful Maine Coons - Tsunami and Legend - this week I am sharing a wonderful pictorial of Tsunami from his kittenhood. I'm a proud "mom" so there are plenty of photos of both on my blog for those of you who want to see more - but I hope to join you in the upcoming weeks as well! Both of my boys are now in their three-sies, and have turned into amazing hulks!

    Have a wonderful week!


  5. We met Noah online too. He's handsome and cute. We'll hop over to say Hi to others soon.

  6. Love blog hops! Meet so many terrific friends that way! I found your hop through Murphy's Law...and thank you for popping over to our site too! Glad you enjoyed it! We will be happy to "paw"ticipate (through Google Connect)! The FiveSibes photo on our blog page in the upper left corner is fine to use! Thank you for offering to highlight our blog, much appreciated! Looking forward to lots of Thursday fun, and so happy this fist one was to commemorate Veterans Day.

  7. And PS to above...we just linked & credited your site to the Blog Hop on our page!

  8. Thanks for sniffing your way over to my blog! I love meeting new friends, and this was my first ever Blog Hop!

    I just added you as a Follower (I assume that is the RSS Feed??), so I would be furry happy to have you highlight my blog! Thank you for offering! You can use any picture from my long as it does my good looks justice! ;->

    Porgy, the parrot, is the best pal a dog could have! I post photos every once in a while, and it is time to do it again. He deserves to be seen more.



  9. Hello!! I have an award for you!! Stop by :)

    Licks from me Olive!

  10. Hello, you have a lovely blog and some fabby photos found you on 40+ Follow me Friday x

  11. I am very touched that you highlighted me. I'm trying to get used to being in the spotlight as a blogger. We're all in the spotlight if we blog. I have met nothing but very nice and creative people since I began doing this in April.

    I've now met Hilary at Feeling Beachie, and am glad that I did, thanks to you!! I told her that I used to be indifferent about cats and didn't much like dogs (my mother had taught me to be afraid of them because she was), but since my three married children have cats and dogs, I've grown to love the little critters, especially the two little Jack Russell terriers. There's also an incredible Maine Coon cat in the mix!! I sometimes feature them on my blog.

    I'm working through the rest of the bloggers on your linky list. Thanks for the opportunity to meet them!!

  12. Thank you so much for highlighting me in your blog. I haven't met the other two but I will visit them. Thank you again!

  13. Thank you so much for the write-up... I was so surprised and flattered to see my own picture up there! I'm beginning to like this blog hop concept. ;) I'm looking forward to following all these other great blogs!



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